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Go Imago!

on November 17, 2008 | 4 Comments

Earlier this year, Doug Buck travelled to Argentina (with Karim Hussain on cinematography duty) to shoot a teaser for an environmental apocalypse film called Broken Imago. The trailer is now online, and it rules. We’ll also be showing it this coming Thursday at our CineMacabre night screening of The Burrowers. Doug will be in attendence, as well, so you can tell him “Get a haircut, hippie!” in-person.

And, while I’m plugging things, we’re also bringing Burrowers writer-director J.T. Petty in for a Q&A, so prepare for maximum awesome.

In the meantime, here’s the Imago trailer, and click here for more info on the project, courtesy an interview on Dread Central.

*Note, Rue Morgue Radio fans may recognize a certain droll accent in one of the audio snippets in the trailer…

Responses to Go Imago!

  1. Owen Garth says:

    I knew Feedback would be the one who foretells our doom…

  2. Argon Levy says:

    I thought he was just the whiper of other people’s bottoms.

  3. FEEDBACK says:

    Wiper of bottoms?


    Whipper of bottoms?

    Definitely yes. So make up your mind, you inept speller, you!

    Although I suspect you’re actually more literate than you’re cracking on….that you deliberately misspelled the word to throw us off the scent.

    You’re probably a professional writer cowardly hiding behind the facade of an illiterate moron.

  4. Owen Garth says:

    Hey Feedback, CKLN website was down last friday, missed the show. What was the topic of the week?

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