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Artist… Good!

on September 7, 2009 | 5 Comments

Last weekend while at the Festival of Fear, illustrator Jason Edmiston dropped by my booth and left a postcard with a sample of his artwork. The monster cereal mash-up illustration stared back at me and I immediately felt a rush of nostalgia and artistic envy. The concept is brilliant: merging the real actors with the commercial mascots done with a pseudo-psychedelic style. Cool! I immediately went and found him tucked deep inside artist alley (endless rows of tables where artists rub elbows, almost literally, and show off their 2 D talents). He was working on another soon to be monster-piece and was quick to show me his prints. On one hand, he creates artwork for product packaging and advertising, something I can relate to since I used to work at a commercial design shop. On the other, he has a true affinity for classic monsters and low brow art. His work has a tight commercial polish to it but also seems to channel Norm Saunders and the guy who did the Wacky Packages at the same time. I got to the end of his portfolio and saw this:

Artwork © Jason Edmiston

Artwork © Jason Edmiston

I wasn’t leaving our discussion without it. A week later he shoots us an email about an art show he’s in so we headed down to the Gladstone Hotel to check it out. Jason is a traditional painter and believe me, the acrylic paintings are incredible in person. I’m keeping an eye on this guy and so should you, dear reader! I can’t wait to see the finished piece he was working on at his booth last weekend. Here’s a pic of Dave and I with Jason and the marvelous monster cereal piece behind us. If only I had shown up much earlier with my burglar outfit. It would have been coming home with me too.

Dave Alexander, Jason Edmiston and I at the Gladstone Hotel.

Dave Alexander, Jason Edmiston and I at the Gladstone Hotel.

Responses to Artist… Good!

  1. Damon says:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention! He is awesome. I hope he gets around to selling prints online of his Monster Cereal piece, since his website doesn’t show any prints.

  2. Brent says:

    Thanks for posting, what a great talent. His commercial stuff is great.

  3. Jason Allen says:


  4. Rondal Scott says:

    Incredible work! Mr. Edmiston’s work reminds me so much of MAD cover artist Norman Mingo in its ability to blend popular culture with a wit and intelligence that is often difficult to achieve and his love of monster culture is equally as evident. I mean just look at his adverts for Caramilk and! Thanks for pointing him out Gary.

  5. Colum says:

    I started a thread for Jason on the rue Morgue Message boards a while back when I saw him at the Toronto Outdoor Art Show. His work is truly something that NEEDS to be seen in person. The detail is so fine and Jason himself is an awesome person. He stood and talked to me for about half an hour about movie monsters and getting into the horror community through art. He’s a sincerely amazing person and an incredibly talented artist.

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