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Lead Poisoning at Last Rites

on June 30, 2010 | Leave a comment

Well known for their work in gray scale, miniature artist Jason D’Aquino and gallery owner tattooist Paul Booth have teamed up to present a gallery show of black and gray artwork featuring some of the worlds top artists and illustrators. Art fanatics can expect to see works by Chet Zar, Ron English, The Pizz, Chris Marrs, Tara McPherson, Robert Williams (one of the first pioneer’s behind the “lowbrow” art movement and founder of Juxtapoz Magazine) and a ton more. The press release boasts “This is show will be an opportunity for artists to reach within the darkest realms of their imaginations, and display their most raw and uncensored work to-date.”

In addition to guest-curating the Lead Poisoning show, Jason D’Aquino will also be exhibiting a solo show of new works, coinciding with the event. Jason is a miniature artist, working onto the smallest of surfaces, mostly matchbooks, in graphite with incredible detail. If the name sounds familiar, D’Aquino was our featured artist in Rue Morgue issue #67 and he recently contributed to our Nightmare Gallery in our 100th issue. If anyone is in the NY area during the run, this is not to be missed!

Visit the Last Rites Gallery for more information on the shows.

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