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This poster's got nards!

on July 14, 2010 | 3 Comments

Sweet mother slug, look at that poster! Toronto illustrator and RM Nightmare Gallery contributor Jason Edmiston was commissioned by Fright Rags to commemorate their very special screening of Fred Dekker’s ’80s horror classics Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps. On Saturday July 17, at Rochester’s Dryden Theatre, creator Fred Dekker and Tom Atkins will both be in attending to talk about the making of the films. RM’s Justin Erickson and I will be heading down to check out the event and hang out with the folks at Fright Rags central for the day.

Starting Friday July 16th, Fright Rags will also host An Evening With Tom Atkins, showing John Carpenter’s The Fog and Halloween III. Mr. Atkins will bee in attendance for that as well. To check out the fine poster made for that event and more details on this fright filled weekend, click here.

Responses to This poster's got nards!

  1. Dave says:

    Mind. Blowing.


    Amazing work, Jason!

  2. Strange Kid says:

    Ordered mine this past Sunday and its signed by Dekker himself! I believe that I could die and come back a happy undead corpse muncher right now.

  3. El Goro says:

    Ordered my Night of the Creeps/Monster Squad poster on Sunday. Looking forward for this incredible tribute to two of my favorite films to be gracing my walls shortly. Cheers Rue Morgue for letting me know about this.

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