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Monstro Bizarro: Weta helps repatriate Yeti artifacts

on November 17, 2010 | 1 Comment

The YETI is one of the world’s most famous natural mysteries and legends.  Over the years, many men have searched for this elusive species, uncovering strange pieces of evidence and gathering some great stories along the way.  One such story involves a monastery in Pangbouche where famous explorer and cryptozoologist, Peter Byrne, discovered parts of a skull and  hand alleged to have belonged to a living Yeti!  Unfortunately, the relics disappeared in 1999.  This was not only an unfortunate blow to cryptozoology, but also to the monastery itself which gained a small revenue by showing the artifacts to visitors.

But good news… Weta technician Duncan Brown was recently engaged in recreating these long lost relics.   Check out the website to find out more about how Kathmandu, Weta Workshop and Jimmy Stewart are connected through these amazing artifacts and how the special bond that exists between Kiwi mountaineers and the Himalayan peoples may serve to restore some prosperity to the region.

Tags: Cryptozoology, Himalaya mountains, Jimmy Stewart, Kathmandu, Kiwi mountaineers, Pangbouche, Peter Byrne, Weta, Yeti

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