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Martian Mayhem!

on January 6, 2011 | 2 Comments

A fellow named Keith Bates scanned his entire original set of 1962 Mars Attacks trading cards and posted them on Flickr for your alien invasion amazement. The fronts and backs are presented in chronological order so you can take in the whole tale, rendered in deliciously lurid pop art style (they were painted by the late, great Norman Saunders). You may recall the ones that were done in the ’90s, which were pretty gory, but these EC Comics-inspired ones from nearly 50 years ago, which caused an outcry at the time for their graphic depiction of cruelty and suggestive sexuality, are still surprisingly nasty. Read more about ‘em on Wikipedia, and thanks to Boingboing for the link.

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  2. bigmac64 says:

    Absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing your set with everyone, Keith.

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