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on March 21, 2011 | 24 Comments

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On this episode of the podcast, we’re giving away TWO ZOMBIE LIQUORICE and TWO WALKING DEAD T-Shirts.

Tune in for details on how to enter but make sure you indicate which t-shirt you’d prefer.

For the ZOMBIE LIQUORICE shirts, simply go to the site, pick your design and tell us what size you want.
They have some crazy designs so make sure you check them out.

For the WALKING DEAD shirts, there’s two designs possible (a white one and a black one) but they’re available in only Mens’ Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Also, Lance and I will be reading a few choice, lurid letters from some of the loyal listeners (or at least they WERE loyal until this episode….).



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Responses to Episode 009: ZOMBIE LIQUORICE

  1. Feedback says:

    And I forgot to mention this on the podcast, but congrats to Mark Harley, Count Whackula and Paul Zander for winning copies of THE BLEEDING on our last contest.

    If you’re reading this, let me know when you get them – and what you thought of the flick!

  2. Owen Garth says:

    In my nightmare, I am driving a van to Toronto with sinister intent. A bag is sitting in the seat next to me, filled with tools. Grotesque implements, to be attached to flesh. I reach the city just after nightfall. My destination is the Rue Morgue House of Horror; my victims are Feedback and Lance. I stop the van in front of the building and prepare myself, everything must be just right. I step out of the van and creep up to the front door. It is open. I crawl through the doorway and slither down the hall. A light beckons from the recording studio. I can hear the voices of my victims, describing how they love or hate some shiny object of cinema. I reach the end of the hallway and burst through the door, surprising them mid-sentence. They stare; it is all they can do. For I am festooned with leather and metal, straps and spikes. The crowning glory is a 16 inch black rubber dildo covered with razor blades, fishhooks, anything sharp I could jam into its glistening surface. Before they can flee I pounce, ripping away their clothes in one fell move. As I plunder their wretched bodies of every last drop of agony I can wring out of them, I hear their cries. But I recoil in horror, for they are not cries of fear and pain, but of sheer pleasure and delight. They are enjoying what I inflict upon them; they are drinking it up like a kitten would a saucer of cream. All I can do is run back down the hall, my diabolic dong flapping as I go. I return to the van and from whence I came, my task complete, but the fulfillment I sought I did not achieve. All I discovered is that Feedback and Lance are into some really freaky shit.

    I will take the Lilith Witch shirt in Large from ZOMBIE LIQUORICE

  3. Count Whackula says:

    My worst nightmare, is being chased down by the goatse guy and for the uninformed, it’s a man who can stretch his anus extremely wide and if that wasn’t bad enough, he his behemoth sized devouring buildings and kittens with his ass flaps rapidly stretching back and forth, chomping and slurping his way closer towards me and no matter how fast I run, he is always one step behind me until… GULP!

    I’ll take the “Puppet Master” XXLarge from Zombie Liquorice.

  4. Andrea Subissati says:

    If I needed to look it up, maybe others will benefit also…

    COGENT: Appealing to the intellect or powers of reasoning; convincing: a cogent argument.

  5. Dark Mark says:

    I’m pegged out in the desert, my eyelids cut off so that I’m forced to watch my loved ones defiled and eviscerated before me, their shrill screaming never stops. Later blinded by the relentless sun I die slowly in crawling agony as the ants devour my body and what remains of my soul.

    Master Of Puppets XL from Zombie Liquorice as I loves bunnies.

  6. Feedback says:

    Cogent – it has a certain ring to it, you must admit. A woefully neglected adjective.

  7. Orion Jeriko says:

    I was with a friend’s girlfriend in my parents basement. I was to escort her home and also bring my wife an abnormally thin, urine-stained mattress to her apartment.

    I was driving around in an unknown city, and got hopelessly lost. Cut to me finding myself in which resembled the Calgary Zoo…where the exhibits were closed, but thousands of people were seated around a pit which contained this murky tar. I peered in, and you could see the hands of small children slowly sinking into its depths. It was unreasonably quiet…except with each couple I walked by they murmured how “beautiful it was”. A bearded man was in the distance singing folk songs on his acoustic guitar.

    I am suddenly without a car, and pushing the mattress up street after street…searching for my wife’s apartment. I come across a cart in the abandoned streets and decide to push the mattress around in it. The cart is old and rusted, and I am struggling getting around with it.

    I come up to this massive bungalow which is housing a party of some sort…punk and goth adults were roaming the grounds inside and out. And hundreds of people were up at the fence to the house, peering in. After studying this for a moment, I turn the cart around where I pass by a handful of punks. After I get a few meters from them, I hear fast approaching footsteps, turn around, and see outreached hands go for my neck by one of the punkers…2 of them. As I’m hopelessly pinned down, they frantically discuss on what part of my body they should torture first. As I plead with them, I covertly grab my buck-knife from my pocket and proceed to first stab the one holding me numerous times in the face and eyes, and then the other one. I rapidly exit the scene, look back, and admired the two corpses that laid there by my hands. The party seemed to have grown significantly as people were lining the streets at this point…but they paid my actions no mind as they were all blankly staring at the party while the hardcore industrial music emanated from the house.

    I continued to push the cart around…it is now very late into the evening. And the streets are labyrinths at this point. I approached a sign to figure out where I was, and as I was piecing it together, a car pulled up and I ran off for fear of their suspicion due to all the blood on me.

    Cut to me at work…in the lunchroom…with my friend (who’s girlfriend I was to escort). We were watching a movie on TV, being uncomfortably quiet with one another. I felt he suspected something I did with his girlfriend. Everything I said to him was greeted with a glare and silence. Then…he nods over to my immediate right, I look over, and see a women sitting inches away from me…staring at me, and taking notes. She asked how I was, in which I replied with “miserable…how are you?”. It turns out she was the company psychiatrist and was ordered to follow and examine me and my actions. We went into lengthy discussion which I can not recall the details of. But as she was speaking to me, I noticed over her shoulder that people in gasmasks, and nothing but gasmasks, were very morosely walking the length of the lunchroom…up and down…of all shapes and sizes…children and adults. The psychiatrist (who resembled Nurse Ratched from Cuckoos Nest) gave me a “key to my safety” which I was to receive in an underwater bar.

    Of course, cut to me swimming in another labyrinth. With each breaststroke I took, words formed…words I concluded were part of my essence: hate, misery, death, murder, despondent, etc…they came and went with the flow of the water in front of me. I come to the bar, meet the psychiatrist seated with friends, and we begin communicating telepathically. So, as she’s about to tell me her assessment of me, I wake up to the phone ringing. Fucking hell.

  8. Mike Tank says:

    Just heard the show. Hilarious! Really made my week. Despite the verbal pounding, I’m flattered. It was a bit of dirty pool on your part to retort to my letter with a response from the AWESOME Andrea Subissati. It was almost enough to make me back pedal on my opinion just to score some points….but I’m afraid I’m going to keep “drinking the Kool-Aid” on this one. ;) Like I said before, I hate to do this, but I’m sticking with Lance (which, believe me, is one of the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do). But don’t worry. I’m still your “cheerleader”.
    But with all due respect to you and Andrea, I’m also a huge fan of the comic series, and felt that, even with the few stylistic and storyline deviations, it did the source material proud. Author Robert Kirkman is just as much of a creative force behind the show as Frank Darabont, and I felt that his voice was well represented and that the direction the series took stayed true to the tone of the book.
    For the record, I’m also a HUGE fan of “Dexter” and some of the other shows that were mentioned in comparison. I just think “TWD” is just as good in its own right. It’s apples and oranges, really. You could accuse “Dexter” of having copious soap opera elements as well, but the collective whole still works to create some riveting television.
    And I HAVE watched “TWD” again, this time on Blu-Ray, and you know what? It was even better the second time around! How do you like them apples?
    Seriously, though, this was a fun bit to hear. Really made me laugh. And thanks for the T-shirt. That was a nice surprise, and I look forward to wearing it with pride!

  9. FEEDBACK says:

    You’re right. That WAS dirty pool! But so satisfying as well…..

  10. Bobby Agbulos says:

    A Nightmare: For no apparent reason, I’m floating in a dark space (not the space as we know with stars and planets, just blackness) for an endlessly infinite periods of time with nothing around. The vastness of the black “space” is uninmanigable. The idea of distance doesn’t seem to apply. The whole time I feel great dread, agony and unexplainable feelings no words can described. I felt grand forces pulling my body, as if gravity was all around me pulling me at once. I woke up turning on my lamp only to see an elder man who claimed he was the devil. He handed me a burnt and old page from a book with undecipherable text. He told me to gaurd this page. As I looked at the texts, blood was seeping out of the pores of my arm. I looked up and I woke up from the dream.

    I would like the Lillith T-Shirt in Size Large

  11. Mike Tank says:

    By the way, all of the criticisms lobbied here at Walking Dead actually, in my opinion, much more accurately describe ANOTHER cable genre show that has been all the rage the past few years, this one involving not flesh-eaters…but bloodsuckers. If you were to do a scathing take-down of HBO’s inexplicably hugely popular”True Blood” the way you did “TWD”, you would hear no grumbling rebuttles coming from me. Why people so enthusiastically throw themselves at the feet of that show like teenage girls seeing Elvis for the first time is way beyond me. Goddamn…talk about “drinking the Kool-Aid”.

  12. Feedback says:

    I haven’t seen TRUE BLOOD. I guess I’m not missing anything…..I mean, if you were willing to give TWD a pass…..this one must be beyond God Awful.

  13. Meli says:

    I was going to post a ridiculous made-up dream involving big breasted Sarah Palin look-a-likes lathering each other in the shower to win a t-shirt, but instead I will share an actual nightmare I had in my early teens that was so vivid and terrifying I still remember it quite clearly to this day.

    I’m at a Christmas party at my mom’s boss’ mansion. The first floor is beautifully decorated in festive silver, reds, and greens. All the guests are dressed in sharp tuxedos for the fellows and decadent ball gowns for the women. Since I am only 13 or so, I am told to go upstairs to play with the other children. The second floor looks nothing like the pristine ballroom below, but instead is a little grimy and rundown. It looks like the 1960’s American homes that occupy typically poorer parts of my city. The hallways are narrower than modern homes, the carpet is a retro orange-red color, and the wallpaper has a similarly outdated pattern. There are several rooms, all with the same design, with children playing. Each room has a closet with a long hallway and another smaller hidden room at the end (like a secret hideout). In one room a kid is playing video games, in another they are listening to music and playing with dolls. I arrive at an unoccupied room. There are clothes piled haphazardly on the floor and it looks like it has been vacant for several years. It has a dirty and dusty look. I start to walk towards the open closet to see what might be hidden in the secret hideaway at the end of the hall when a small, pale, almost transparent newborn baby in a christening gown floats quickly over a large pile of discarded toys and clothes. While the baby floats toward me there are these screeching violins playing. It sounds cheesy recounting this in writing, but in my dream it felt like it was the screams of lost souls or the sounds of hell. I was terrified and I stumble back from the floating baby only to crash into a rocking chair (that I don’t recall being there before) with the skeletal remains of what I deduce to be the ghost baby’s mother. I was paralyzed with fear, awaiting an imminent attack by some ghost baby hell bent on vengeance while an orgy of large and small breasted Sarah Palin look-a-likes continued to lather each other in oils and chocolate sauce in the party downstairs.

    It was so vivid and felt so real I was absolutely horrified, so much that I couldn’t walk to my bus stop alone. To this day – 17 years later – I remember every haunting detail.

    Oh, and don’t bother analyzing the closet part. I already know what it means :)

  14. Meli says:

    Almost forgot the most important part! If I win, I would love a small Ragnarok t-shirt from Zombie Liquorice.

  15. FEEDBACK says:

    So far, no-one’s picked a WALKING DEAD shirt. Interesting…..I thought there were more fans of the series than that! (Although I realise the ZL shirts are pretty amazing…..).

  16. Owen Garth says:

    Guess you and Lance will have to wear them, hmm?

  17. Meli says:

    I like Owen’s response :)

    But seriously, those TWD tees are no competition for the beautiful artwork of Zombie Liquorice. Given the choice there is no way someone would pick those weak ass TWD tees.

  18. Dark Mark says:

    Between the Zombie Liquorice and Walking Dead shirts there is no contest.

  19. FEEDBACK says:

    I got my PUPPET MASTER T-Shirt in the mail today. It’s UNREAL…’s like WATERSHIP DOWN directed by ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY.

  20. joe Cole says:

    My worst nightmare was/is like this: it’s always the same apartment complex and I am again 7 years old and terrified of mannequins. I am waLking towards my apartmen and I see a manequin on the couch through the front window. It turns its head backwards to stare at me, then jumps up and runs to the door to chase me aroun d the neighborhood trying to eat me. it never catces me, but I wake up and can’t scream out. I would like the astro zombie shirt size large from zombie liquorice

  21. Feedback says:

    We’re picking the winners on TUESDAY so there’s still time to enter…..!

  22. Feedback says:

    Alright, we picked the winners yesterday. Tune in next week to the PODCAST to find out who won…and to hear details on a WICKED new contest! And I have to say….listening back, the one dream that left us a little at a loss for words was COUNT WHACKULA’s. You need help, sir….and soon.

  23. Meli says:

    We have to wait until next week!? NOOOOO :O

    What if I told you my 30th birthday is this weekend??

  24. Feedback says:

    Meli! You should’ve indicated that before – coz we already recorded the bloody segment and we would’ve done a special birthday tribute! Oh well……as a consolation, you’re welcome to send us a picture of yourself wearing your birthday suit and we’ll post it on the blog!

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