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Footloose At FanExpo

on August 27, 2011 | 1 Comment

Saturdays can get pretty hairy at FanExpo. It’s the busiest day, people get pushy and at times it can feel like cattle being herded to the slaughter. But heading to an abattoir has never been so fun. Wandering by Rémy Couture‘s booth we noticed Montreal artist/fashion model/zombie Rick Genest had stopped by. Fresh from Hong Kong where he was doing some “fashion bullshit” Genest was hamming it up with Couture, chatting with fans and managed to put a foot in his mouth.

Rick Genest gets a taste of Rémy Couture's work.

Nope. No one is having any fun. None. At. All.

Family portrait: Rick Genest, Rémy Couture and a transformed Rosalynn Nguyen (front).

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Responses to Footloose At FanExpo

  1. Mike Tank says:

    Ugh. Just LOOKING at that foot in Rick Genest’s mouth makes me sick. A testament to Remy’s work!

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