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Scream Queen Danielle Harris

on August 27, 2011 | 3 Comments

In a cage match between Hayden Panettiere and Danielle Harris we know who we’d put our money on. (Really, Harris faced Michael Myers at the age of ten. Panettiere saves dolphins.) But turns out the modern day scream queen (famously Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5 then Annie Brakett in Rob Zombie’s reboots of the franchise) can also hold her own in the rough and harsh world of convention scheduling. Though her Q&A was at the same time as the Heroes star’s, Harris’ room was packed with horror fans. She didn’t give us a scream (her voice was hoarse from being on set last night) but we did get the low down on growing up with Michael Myers, working with Rob Zombie and why we should be worried about dating her…

Devil's Night director Christopher Harrison and Danielle Harris.

Sitting down at the mic: “I expected five people to be here!”

On the audition process for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers: “He [director Dwight H. Little] asked me to scream and cry.”

On worrying about being type cast: “Dude, I was ten.”

On why actors move away from horror: “It’s hard! If I’m not covered in blood in my trailer by the end of the day I think it’s a bust.”

Two of Harris' old friends, the killer from Devil's Night and Michael Myers, wait in line for an autograph.

On her favourite roles: “I love hot girls, in hot clothes, carrying guns, beating up guys and other girls.”

On improvising her fight scene with Tyler Mane in Rob Zombie’s Halloween: “Tyler just attacked me. And I let him.”

On making suggestions to Rob Zombie: “If he’s going to listen to anyone about Halloween it may as well be me!”

On being asked to play teenagers now: “When I get scripts where I have to say ‘Dad’ I cringe…I’d rather be saying [whispers into mic] daddy.”

On Devil’s Night (screening tomorrow at noon): “It’s campy 80s fun. The way horror should be. I’m not into torture porn.”

After listing off her favourite actors to work with (everyone from Bill Moseley, to Lance Henriksen to Michael Biehn) she paused: “I’d be scared to date me!”

Harris, Harrison and Devil's Night killer greet a fan.

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Responses to Scream Queen Danielle Harris

  1. Mike Tank says:

    *sigh* I’m in love… ;)

    Seriously, she’s a terrific talent. I look forward to DEVIL’S NIGHT.

  2. Michael Schoonveld says:

    She’s great! She is always pleasant and a total sweetheart! I hope to meet her again one day! :) Bring on ‘Devil’s Night’

  3. DEVIL’S NIGHT is now available on DVD at http://www.blackfawndistribution.com! Check it out!

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