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Sign the Goon movie petition!

on February 21, 2012 | 3 Comments

Here’s your chance to fight the good fight, Rue Morgue readers. Our pals over at Strange Kids Club have started a petition in hopes of convincing Hollywood to get off their asses and fund that Goon feature we’ve been hearing about for so long. It’s a worthy cause – the test footage, posted below, is quite promising, and we all know that Frankie and the Goon deserve their turn on the silver screen. So fight your way through the Hobo Jungle, stomp some Chug-Heads and click here to sign the petition. And don’t forget to share it with your degenerate pals!

YouTube Preview Image

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Responses to Sign the Goon movie petition!

  1. Rondal says:

    Thanks so much for spreading the word on this you guys! Hollywood doesn’t deserve a movie this good, but we’re gonna force it down their throats anyway… or die trying. ;)

  2. this movie needs to be made, that’s all there is,it would be a freaking awesome movie, well worth spending the money on without a doubt!

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