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Jägermeister and Rue Morgue Redefine Friday the 13th

on March 15, 2012 | 1 Comment

When most of us read the words “Friday the 13th,” we probably can’t help but be immediately consumed by the iconic image of Jason Voorhees’ goalie mask or the notion that the day in question holds much eerie luck-sucking potential. (Surely I’m not the only one who’s extra cautious about being flattened by a falling grand piano or slipping on a hipster’s man-scarf and plummeting down onto the subway rails every Friday the 13th?)

Well, Jägermeister and Rue Morgue have teamed up to redefine the meaning of Friday the 13th next month by throwing eight parties in eight cities across Canada ‒ including Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, London, Montreal and Quebec City ‒ on Friday, April 13th. Check out this teaser trailer…

YouTube Preview Image

What mysterious fate awaits you on the ominous day is always uncertain but what isn’t is Jägermeister’s preternatural ability to throw a kick-ass shaker. And they’ve promised us that a unique celebration awaits…”a weird and wonderful journey” that will undoubtedly be the stuff of mere legend. Coining the event “SHOTS HAPPEN,” the eighth best-selling spirit in the world has launched a contest to find one “lucky” winner in each city, who will receive a Friday the 13th VIP experience prize pack that will forever alter the concept of what the day signifies for them and their brood.

Translation: you and 13 friends could be treated like rock stars at the Friday the 13th party in your city.

For contest details, go to

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