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on March 18, 2012 | 4 Comments

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On this episode of the Rue Morgue Podcast, we’re delighted to bring to you a nice little chat with writer/director and special effects makeup artist, Mr. Steven Kostanski, one of the mental cases from the ASTRON-6 film collective from Winnipeg, the fine folks us brought us the Troma produced splatterfest FATHER’S DAY (featured on the cover of the current issue of Rue Morgue.)

Steven is also the director of the low-fi, sci-fi action horror flick MANBORG, one of the most deliriously inventive, no-budget epics these old eyes have ever seen.

And for the past few years, he’s been working as a special effects makeup artist on a ton of high profile movies, including Nurse 3-D, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D & Resident Evil: Retribution (for Paul Jones FX Studio) & most recently, on Guillermo del Toro’s mega-budget, Lovecraftian apocalypse, Pacific Rim (For Mindwarp Productions).

For a fine sampling of the genius that is Steven Kostanski and Astron 6, check out his fake movie trailer for LAZER GHOSTS 2: RETURN TO LASER COVE.



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Responses to Episode 57: STEVEN KOSTANSKI

  1. Curtis says:

    I went to the Astron 6 website after I listened, and have watched most of their shorts now. They are pretty brilliant. Cool Guys and HIZ made me laugh out loud. Heart of Karl is great horror, and thought provoking to boot.

  2. Ron McKenzie says:

    Great interview, my man. And yes, Heart of Karl IS a slice of mad genius – I would love to see THAT developed into the next Astron-6 feature.

  3. Feedback says:

    Glad you guys liked the interview. I’m sure Mr. Kostanski will be pleased to learn that his beloved HEART OF KARL continues to be appreciated.

  4. Nick English says:

    I’ll send another bit of love Karl’s way. The audio clip in the podcast made checking it out a necessity. Didn’t disappoint.

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