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The Locations of Rue Morgue and Jagermeister’s Friday the 13th Parties Revealed!

on March 30, 2012 | Leave a comment

A couple weeks ago, we announced that Rue Morgue and Jägermeister were teaming up to redefine Friday the 13th by staging “SHOTS HAPPEN,” a series of parties on the next occurrence of the ominous numerological day: Friday, April 13th, 2012. Well, we’re pleased to finally announce the mysterious locations of the sure-to-be-legendary shindigs in each of the eight stops.

Vancouver – Caprice (967 Granville St.)

Victoria – Boutique (1318 Broad St.)

Calgary – The Back Alley Nightclub (4630 Macleod Trail S.)

Edmonton – The Ranch Roadhouse (6107-104 St.)

Toronto – Grace O’Malley’s (14 Duncan St.)

London – Jim Bob’s (595 Richmond St.)

Montreal – Cafe Chaos (2031 rue St-Denis)

Quebec City – Scanner (291 St Vallier Est, Local 001)

But the best part is, RM and the eighth best-selling spirit in the world have launched a contest to find one “lucky” winner in each city, who will receive a Friday the 13th VIP experience prize pack that could see you and 13 friends treated like rock stars at the corresponding party in your city!

For contest details, go to

WATCH the Friday the 13th teaser video:

YouTube Preview Image

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