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We unveiled Justin’s fantastic Dark Shadows cover last week, but now that we’ve had a chance to poke around in the gooey innards of our May issue, we thought you might enjoy a more detailed preview.



Few television shows, horror-themed or otherwise, have developed as rabid a fanbase as Dark Shadows. With Tim Burton’s remake out this month, we gather the cast of the original series to talk about the show’s legendary lineage. PLUS! Tim Burton tells us how he revamped Collinsport’s famous family for the big screen. by JAMES BURRELL


River Monsters host Jeremy Wade travels the world to investigate the most terrifying fish tales and wrangle the real-life behemoths lurking beneath the surface. PLUS! Our resident cryptozoologist casts his net for lake legends and river beasts. by DAN MURPHY and LYLE BLACKBURN


It has taken decades, but the Israeli film industry has finally embraced genre movies. We talk to some of the key filmmakers involved in the movement. by IDO ROSEN


Drug addiction, mental illness, physical abuse and the supernatural collide in Lovely Molly. by DAVE ALEXANDER


Note From Underground  – The Door in the Water

Post-Mortem – Letters from fans, readers and weirdos.

Dreadlines – News highlights, horror happenings.

The Coroner’s Report – Weird stats and morbid facts.

Needful Things – Strange trinkets from our bazaar of the bizarre.

Cinemacabre – The latest films, the newest DVDs and reissues, and more!

The Late-Night Archive – In The Vault: Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Bowen’s Basement – Dug Up: Bowen 50, World 0.

Blood In Four Colours – Inked In: Hoax Hunters.

The Ninth Circle – Spotlight: Kendall R. Phillips’ Dark Directions.

The Fright Gallery – On Display: Death Waltz vinyl art.

The Gore-met – Menu: The Burning Moon.

Audio Drome – Now Playing: Huntress.

Play Dead – Featuring: Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and more!

Classic Cut – Strange Paradise.

15 NEW SUBSCRIBERS will win a copy of DARK SHADOWS: The Best of Barnabas on DVD, courtesy of MPI Media group!

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One Response to RUE MORGUE #122 – ON STANDS MAY 1

  1. Dark Mark says:

    I’m enjoying this issue. Gregory Lamberson’s wonderful novella which is reviewed in The Ninth Circle is currently the book of the month down at The Mortuary.

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