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Episode 062: JAMES NGUYEN

on April 22, 2012 | 5 Comments

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On this episode of the Rue Morgue Podcast, it’s a one hour interrogation with James Nguyen, the director of cult semi-classic Birdemic: Shock & Terror.

This is, hands down, the weirdest bloody interview I’ve done in my long and protracted, pseudo radio career to date.



Birdemic: Shock & Terror is available on home video courtesy of Severin Films.

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Responses to Episode 062: JAMES NGUYEN

  1. Frankensteinhead says:

    After listening to this I stand by my initial prognosis; the man is a genuine no talent. Sweet enough, a nice guy, but doesn’t completely understand why people are going to see this.He’s just too flabergasted by some of the questions. Stewart, how did you keep a straight face(and voice) while conducting this interview?

  2. Angela says:

    Sounds to me like Birdemic isn’t a remake in the same way that Vanilla Ice didn’t steal the Under Pressure bass line from Queen….

  3. FDBK says:

    “Stewart, how did you keep a straight face(and voice) while conducting this interview?”

    I found the whole thing quite fascinating. It’s really weird, isn’t it? He’s completely convinced himself that the movie is a hit because the audience are really connecting with his story, its themes, the characters and the performances. Whatever gets you through the night, I guess.

    And prior to this, I watched a couple of interviews with the man and was thoroughly unimpressed with how various journalists were handling him. They were either really rude and condescending or they pretended as though he’d made a legitimate movie.

    I didn’t want to take either approach so I tried to press him and ask some point blank questions while still trying to treat him fairly and with respect. (But I admit. The Squirrel/Snail thing was a bit facetious but come on! I’m only human.)

    Plus, Mr. Nguyen is a really nice bloke. He’s very friendly and enthusiastic and he was nothing less than a pleasure to have as a guest at the Rue Morgue Studio of Avian Apocalypse.

    Also, he gave me an original pressing of the very DVD-R of BIRDEMIC so I asked him to sign it for me. Then he told me he’d never been asked to sign one before! So I have the very first SIGNED copy of the very first pressing of BIRDEMIC!

    Watch out, Ebay!

  4. Facundo Campos says:

    This is seriously amazing. Congrants on not shouting out “Are you serious?!”. It’s that he’s either the most talented straight face actor ever or he actually truly believes that those are Oscar worthy performances. I don’t know which is more fascinating. Surprisingly, he actually knows quite a bit about Hitchcock and his films. But we’ll just stop the comparisons there.

  5. Nick English says:

    In regards to the special effects: “Maybe it’s art.”

    This guy is a HOOT!

    I kinda fell in love with him while watching the extras on the Birdemic Blu-ray (which I picked up for $7.99 at Best Buy having heard of, but never seen, the film.).

    He may just be the unintentional, unironic Ed Wood of our time.

    He seems to have a pretty good working knowledge of film . . . my only hope is that his movies DON’T get better.

    Long Live the United Nations of Imagine!

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