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on May 1, 2012 | 18 Comments

It’s round three of our Guillermo del Toro HITCHCOCK giveaways.

For those just tuning in, beginning on May 7th at the TIFF LIGHTBOX, Guillermo del Toro will present four Alfred Hitchcock classics over four nights, offering a one-hour introduction and a one-hour post-screening discussion for each film.

So the good news is, Rue Morgue (in conjunction with the Rue Morgue Podcast & The Mortuary) has tickets to giveaway to each of the screenings.

Next up, we have four pairs for the third film in the series, one of Hitchcock’s personal favourites, 1943′s SHADOW OF A DOUBT, starring Joseph Cotten and Teresa Wright.

It’s screening on Tuesday, May 15th @ 7 p.m.

So here’s how to enter: Tell us your favourite Alfred Hitchcock cameo. Describe the cameo and tell us the film it came from.

Scribble your answer right here on the blog and the winners will be picked by random on Sun, May 6th.

Good luck!


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  1. Kirk says:

    The movie was Lifeboat. Hitchcock appeared as “The Dieter” for the “Reduco Obesity Slayer” ad in William Bendix’s newspaper. It was the latest fat reduction plan on the market. Little know fact…Hitchcock really did lose 100 pounds during the making of the movie…so very fitting.

  2. Frankensteinhead says:

    Hitchcock as the man who just misses the bus at the beggining of NORTH BY NORTHWEST

  3. John Farmer says:

    North By Northwest. Missing a bus

  4. Roger says:

    Lifeboat. His profile in the weight loss advert in the newspaper.

  5. Jay Clarke says:

    Walking his two dogs in The Birds.

  6. I Confess, him crossing the top of the staircase. Not his most memorable cameo, but you get the classic silhouette of his profile as he crosses. Not to mention, I Confess is a stunningly shot, totally underrated Hitchcock movie filmed in Quebec!

  7. Nav says:

    To Catch A Thief as the man on the bus who Cary Grant stares at.

  8. Chris Bailey says:

    Hitchcock as the man with a tuba in Strangers on a Train.

  9. Angela Skelhorn says:

    The trouble with Harry. Walking past the limousine.

  10. lisa says:

    the birds is my fave, just him walkin’ his dogs!

  11. Chris Schmidt says:

    Psycho, wearing a cowboy hat.

  12. DaveO says:

    In Lifeboat, you can see Hitchcock in a “before” and “after” newspaper ad for “Reduco Obesity Slayer”.

  13. SteveL says:

    In Psycho, outside the office where Marion works.

  14. Lea-Ann says:

    The Birds, leaving the pet shop walking his dogs.

  15. Joe says:

    The Birds

  16. Mike Pereira says:

    Frenzy, Hitchcock in the center of a crowd scene wearing a bowler hat.

  17. Sarah L says:

    Watching Mr. Hitchcock walking his pooches in ‘The Birds’ was likely my favorite because I was the only one to catch it the first time watching it.

  18. Feedback says:

    Contest is CLOSED.

    And the winners are…

    & STEVE L

    I’ll be in touch via email with details on how to get your tickets.

    Congrats to all the winners and come back later today for the fourth and final HITCHCOCK / DEL TORO Giveaway!

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