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on November 23, 2012 | 7 Comments

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Look who popped by the Rue Morgue Studio of Twisted Twins recently! None other than the irrepressible Soska Sisters – the human tornado tag-team of mutually assured destruction.

Jen and Sylvia were in town recently for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and the Canadian premiere of their latest flick American Mary – the body modification horror opus starring Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps) in one of her most impressive performances to date.

The film hits Blu-ray and DVD in the U.K. in January. No word yet on North American release dates.

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Responses to Episode 093: THE SOSKA SISTERS

  1. Chelsey says:

    After listening to this show for nearly 2 years now it’s amazing to get two of my favourite people mention me on there. Feedback you’ve made my day. :)
    Its always fascinating to hear the twins talk about their careers and their inspirations– as well as all the other foul mouthed banter they come out with :P And its great to hear indie filmmakers talk so openly about their work and their experiences in the industry. No doubt they are inspiring many to go out and do it for themselves- myself included.
    Long may they reign the queens of indie- horror.

  2. FDBK says:


  3. Nick English says:

    Another fantastically entertaining interview. Do you have a knack for picking the right guests, or do you only post the good ones? Do you have hard drive full of crappy interviews that’ll never see the light of day as long as you’re alive?

  4. FDBK says:

    Great question! And one I’ll probably get into in more detail on an upcoming show but here’s the short answer: regardless of anything to do with horror, first and foremost, the Rue Morgue Podcast is a ‘spoken word’ radio show – so I’m always on the hunt for guests that will prove to be interesting conversationalists.

    So in the case of the Soska Twins, even though I hadn’t seen the film, I figured they’d be great to get on the show – and of course, they are. But I’m delighted to say that I’m ‘doubly’ glad I got them (to push the ‘twin’ metaphor a bit) because AMERICAN MARY is a highly worthy topic of discussion regardless of how vivacious the directors are.

    It divided fans at Toronto After Dark but it’s a ‘feminist’ horror film that plays with all sorts of provocative issues. At the centre of it is a terrific performance by Katherine Isabelle.

    But without question – and this is plainly apparent in the interview – the Soska Sisters are deeply dedicated to their craft and attack it with a ferocious enthusiasm. I haven’t seen DEAD HOOKER yet (I’m bracing myself for a less successful effort) but I’m definitely looking forward to whatever these two maniacs come up with next.

  5. Owen Garth says:

    Chicks love “The Craft”!

    They like “I Saw The Devil”! I will worship them forever!

  6. Adam Lopez says:

    Fantastic interview Stuart! Loved it and just shared it with all our Toronto After Dark fans!

  7. FDBK says:

    Thanks, Adam. Glad you enjoyed.

    I’ve got more Toronto After Dark episodes in the pipeline.

    Stay tuned….

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