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Exclusive: Check out Ghoulish Gary’s LP art for Waxwork’s Re-Animator score!

Waxwork Records apparently does not believe in starting small. The label is dropping its first release on July 30, and it’s a doozy: a limited edition vinyl pressing of Richard Band’s score from Stuart Gordon’s 1985 cult classic Re-Animator, featuring full LP artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin!

Band’s score, performed by the Rome Philharmonic Orchestra, has been specifically remastered for vinyl. Here’s the rundown of features:

  • 180 gram “Re-Animator green” vinyl
  • Front and back cover, inner sleeve, and center A side/B side labels all designed by horror artist and RM art columnist Gary Pullin (Ghoulish Gary)
  • A limited pressing of the score on variant GlowInTheDark vinyl will be randomly inserted
  • Full LP package includes a sleek matte laminate jacket
  • Composer notes from Richard Band and director liner notes from Stuart Gordon
  • The record sleeve will include photos from the actual 1985 recording sessions in Rome, Italy
  • An 18 x 24 poster of the cover art will also be included

That’s a helluva package (and a great way to gear up for Rue Morgue’s Re-Animator/From Beyond reunion at this year’s Festival of Fear). Preorders start today, June 3, over at the Waxwork Records site.

Since it’s dangerous to talk to strangers, here’s a little about Waxwork Records, courtesy of their latest press release:

“Waxwork Records is a soundtrack label specializing in the release of Horror, Cult, and SciFi cinema scores in high quality LP packages. Waxwork’s aim is to pay homage to the film and composer with the fans’ best interest in mind at all times. The label’s directive is to release soundtracks in a true, analog format by revisiting the actual master tapes used to record the original scores of classic cinema. Waxwork Records pays special attention to every detail to produce a product that is tangible, sonically pleasing, and visually stunning.”

Now go on over to Waxwork and introduce yourself. If they offer you candy, though, get your folks to check it first. You know how these horror people can be.

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