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Monstro Bizarro: The True Story of the Lizard Man

on October 21, 2013 | 1 Comment

The Lizard Man is here!

I’m proud to announce that my new book, LIZARD MAN: THE TRUE STORY OF THE BISHOPVILLE MONSTER, is now available from Anomalist Books.

From the swamplands near Bishopville, South Carolina, come reports of a seven-foot-tall, scaly humanoid creature the locals call the “Lizard Man.” Over the years, the creature has been seen by numerous witnesses, including a teenager who claimed it attacked him one night near a remote area called Scape Ore Swamp. The young man’s testimony and physical evidence was so compelling, it not only launched a serious investigation by the local sheriff’s office but an all-out monster hunt that drew hundreds of people to the small town.

This real-life “creature from black lagoon” has inspired major national news coverage, even a call from the famous CBS news anchor, Dan Rather, as he and the rest of the world clamored to know more about Bishopville’s elusive monster. The case is often mentioned in books, websites, and television shows, but the full story has never been told… until now. This book provides unprecedented documentation for one of the most bizarre and hair-raising cases of an unknown creature. The witnesses are convinced they’ve seen it, and the local law officials are backing them up. This is their story.


Follow myself and my partner, Cindy Lee, as we revisit the sighting locations, speak to the living eyewitnesses, and consider all possible theories in our search for the truth behind the legendary Lizard Man.

For more info and purchase links, visit the Lizard Man page at Anomalist Books:


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  1. David Goulet says:

    Looks ssssensssational!

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