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Last Chance Lance joins me for the conclusion of our Five Sleazy Pieces tribute to The Twilight Zone, the greatest television series ever made!

Also, we’re running a contest for DVD copies of Season One and Season Two of Serling’s classic tv show. All you have to do is beat the Genie in our Twilight Zone challenge. Listen to the episode for more details!

Good luck and slooshy well (in the Twilight Zone!)


p.s Volume One is available here:

And Last November, Image Entertainment released a bare-bones, ‘episodes only’ DVD box set of The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series, all five seasons available for the most affordable price yet.

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Responses to Episode 147: THE TWILIGHT ZONE VOL. II

  1. Nick Sanchez says:

    My favorite episode is “I am the Night-Color Me Black” season 5 episode 146.
    My wish would be that I could order a pizza for the whole world then we would have world piece… of pizza.

  2. Mark Harley says:

    My favourite episode is Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (the original from 1963). I thought it was pretty frightening when I saw it as a kid, and that set the tone for the whole series for me. The remake for the movie was pretty decent, too.

    As for my wish, I think Homer Simpson said it best: “I wish for a turkey sandwich on rye bread with lettuce and mustard. And — and I don’t want any zombie turkeys, I don’t want to turn into a turkey myself, and I don’t want any other weird surprises — you got it?”

  3. Dave Wynne says:

    My favorite episode would have to be “big tall wish” season 1, episode 27. It has the perfect balance of raw performances and is the most beautifully shot of any episode.
    My wish would be for Lance to die while giving anal birth to a stillborn gorilla. I would then keep the dead gorilla in a jar name him Charlie Lamp.

  4. Matt Webber says:

    My favorite episode is “To Serve Man”. Aliens have been a concern of planet earth for decades and this episode deals with it brilliantly. You can sense something is wrong early on but you never know exactly what’s up til the big reveal (kinda like “eye of the beholder”) – and hey, it’s been spoofed quite famously on the simpsons so you know its good if that happens.
    My wish is for the genie to have MY wish for himself – kind of a “pay it forward” if you will. Then karma would take over. I feel its the right thing to do; afterall, he probably needs it more than i do – he’s been locked inside a teeny little bottle for god knows how long !!

    • Feedback says:

      But what if the Genie wishes for your demise? (You’re making it too easy for the Lamp!) ;)

      • Matt Webber says:

        Well if the genie ALWAYS wins, I’m leaving it up to good karma and the “pay it forward” philosophy. I can’t lose !

        • Feedback says:

          You may have inadvertently created a rift in the spacetime continnum. I wonder how Last Chance “Genie in the” Lamp will handle this one…?

          • Mark Harley says:

            I bet Last Lamp Lance will find something in his freezer of horrors to turn the tables in his favour. :)

  5. dave wynne says:

    The turkey was a little dry

    • Feedback says:

      Aha! Yes…I remember now. I’ll definitely be digging up that clip for a future episode.

      Incidentally, the results show for this episode won’t be recorded for a loooooooooong time….so please be patient.

  6. Chris Soto says:

    The howling man is my favorite cause that was the very first episode I saw of the twilight zone scared the shit out of me cause I was 8 or 9 and home by myself. Love the story of how satan was let loose among the earth.

  7. Orlando Que says:

    My favorite episode has to be “Mr. Dingle, The Strong.” Why? Just look at those 2 Alienish Creatures that appear out of nowhere to give Mr. Dingle AKA (Burgess Meredith) powers. First, strength by some creatures from mars. Then intelligence by some creatures from Venus. My friends, imagine seeing this episodes back in the 60′s? Wow, that must of had been pretty eerie. By the way, I been watching the Twilight Zone for 25 years now and I can tell you that I have seen this episode more than 1000 times. Plus Burgess Meredith acting as the Pinguin in Batman and Mickey on Rocky and on others, wow, he’s acting is superb.

    To outsmart the Genie In The Lamp. All Twilight Zone episodes end with continuation. For example: What happen to Mr. Dingle after he get’s the intelligence of 500 men and starts to predict the baseball game that they are watching. Does he uses misuse he’s intelligence? If so, do more aliens come to experiment on him? Or what? I mean Wow! My wish would be for all Twilight Zones to continue were they left on.

  8. Gregory T Dixon says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I would like to enter your contest.
    My answer to your one wish that I believe is foolproof is as follows:

    I want to double my attractiveness to the opposite sex. I want women to think that if I was a 4 before, (which, I hope to God that I would rank higher), I would become an 8. I know that this would make it more difficult to find a soulmate, but I am willing to take that chance. Thank you for allowing me to play.

  9. Ben says:

    For my wish I would wish to be able to grant wishes, that way I could mess with friends, family, strangers, Lance, etc!!!

    • Feedback says:

      Hmmm…..that’s dangerously close to the ‘no wishing for more wishes’ rule – but we’ll let Last Chance Lamp decide on that.

  10. Mike Tank says:

    I have but one simple wish. The only thing I hope for in this life is for Lance’s FROST BITE to receive all the critical accolades, Oscar recognition and blockbuster box office success that this truly groundbreaking, transcendant, daringly original work of art so richly deserves and that the runaway worldwide success of the film would then pave the way for Lance to produce even more barrier-busting, politically challenging, revolutionary cinema that inspires humanity as a whole to put aside their differences and join together in triumphant rejoice as we follow Lance in all of his glorious resplendence into the stars and beyond.

    This is my dream. If Lance has taught me anything… it is that anything is possible. Thank you.

  11. Jay Sotkowy (IDrinkYourBlood) says:

    My favorite episode of The Twilight Zone is “Eye of the Beholder”. I remember seeing that one when I was a little kid and it just blew my mind! It was the only thing I could think about for weeks after I saw it and one of the episodes that I will never forget. To me, that episode is what The Twilight Zone is all about.
    As for you and Lamp being two genies who live in the same bottle(hey, I’m not judging!), I think my wish would have to be for the next issue of 200 Alternative Horror Movies You Need To See to be all completely written ONLY by Lamp.

  12. Feedback says:

    These are awesome!

  13. Dirk Manning says:

    While this answer tends to change depending on the day, more often than not, the answer for me is “The Howling Man.”

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