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Episode 148: CATS & DOGS

on February 7, 2014 | 3 Comments

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It’s an epic edition of Post Apocalypse wherein Feedback and Lance wax enthusiastic over American Horror Story: Asylum, commiserate over Dexter Season 8 and consume copious amounts of coke and cheese (naturally).

And as mentioned on the show…

Bruce McDonald’s Hellions contest:

100 Essential Alternative Horror Films according to listeners of the Rue Morgue Podcast:

Winston’s Musical Meltdown Massacre – Request Thread:

Slooshy well!


Here’s the $30 set of cheese spreaders Lance gave Feedback for Christmas:

And the Hickory Farms Deluxe Cheese set that Feedback never saved for Lance:

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Responses to Episode 148: CATS & DOGS

  1. Amy Lynch says:

    Did Lance really say he was “a unicorn which she would ride like a stallion”?

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