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Episode 152: FROST-BITE

on March 15, 2014 | 6 Comments

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It’s the episode we’ve been waiting our entire lives to record!

Last Chance Lance joins me to read some of the ecstatic reviews of his zombie masterpiece…

FROST-BITE: Recontextualizing the Canadian zombie film through a post-colonial lens!



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Responses to Episode 152: FROST-BITE

  1. doubting tom says:

    Thanks for identifying the music you use as appearing in the Hammer series. For whatever reason, I thought it was from DePalma’s Body Double. A couple of weeks ago I went through the trouble of watching the movie again for the first time since the 80′s just to hear that track. Of course I was hugely disappointed but there were a few nice scenes in the movie.

  2. malcoJOJO says:

    This completely made my morning!
    It was a life changer. :)

  3. PopeJT says:

    Wow! Tears. Lots of tears (not saying what kind).

  4. pureevilmatt says:

    fuck. you.

  5. pureevilmatt says:

    five stars

  6. Dan Ricchezza says:

    Lance was intolerable during the podcast. He’s not very interesting to begin with. Add in a bloated ego and what you get is a podcast participant who would be better off if he was simply ignored.

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