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Monstro Bizarro: ‘Bigfoot Wars’ Sneak Peek

on March 27, 2014 | 1 Comment

According the BIGFOOT WARS facebook page, the film will hit theaters “near you” on May 23rd.  Director Brian Jaynes (Humans Versus Zombies, Boggy Creek: The Legend is True) has posted a sneak peek trailer which hints at the action.

BIGFOOT WARS is based on the best-selling horror fiction series, Bigfoot War, by Eric S. Brown.  The movie features actors Judd Nelson, C. Thomas Howell, Holt Boggs, and Billy Blair.

YouTube Preview Image


(Also see my previous post: Bigfoot War Being Adapted for Screen)


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One Response to Monstro Bizarro: ‘Bigfoot Wars’ Sneak Peek

  1. David Goulet says:

    This and Godzilla upcoming…our cups runneth over.

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