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Bigfoot Horror Stageplay Coming to Festival of Fear 2014

on August 18, 2014 | 2 Comments

And now, Rue Morgue contributor, Michael Mitchell, with a special announcement for this year’s Festival of Fear.:

As anyone who has ever attended a Festival of Fear knows, there is always something on offer that just simply kicks ass. From Clive Barker painting a brand-new work live in the flesh, to Udo Keir hosting a costume contest, the thrills consistently exceed expectations from year-to-year.

And 2014 is no exception. Among the multitude of splendiferous offerings this year, Rue Morgue will be serving up something entirely novel, yet wholly ancient. For this time around, Festival goers will be treated to a live staged-reading of a no holds barred horror play.

The fact that the play is about a Bigfoot terrorizing four comely lasses at a farmhouse in rural Manitoba (it’s called “Fear Liath”, for those that be curious) is totally beside the point.

And the fact that it was written by yours truly is also beside the point.

The point, and I do have one, is that, once again, if you’re attending the Festival of Fear, you are in line to participate in some of the most awesome horror-related events around.

What makes programming a horror play so exciting is that it takes us all the way back to the beginnings of storytelling. There’s just the performer and the words. No CGI, no THX, no gaffer, grip, foley . . . no nothing. Of course, there’s a whole lotta stage blood, though. (Well, maybe not in a reading. But in a full production? Hell, yeah!)

But best of all, there’s no budget required. All you really need is an empty room and some gung ho actors.

And after all, as well all know, horror has been the main type of story told from the dawn of language. From the ancient Greeks, to Elizabethan England where performers died on stage from real wounds, to Paris and the hugely successful Grand Guignol theatre, horror was always a major draw—until recently.

Personally, I’d be hard-pressed to tell you why horror has slid out of the main body of stageplays produced these days, especially when the Frankenstein production with Benedict Cumberbach and Johnny Miller a few years ago was one of the most successful productions put on in decades. (You may have caught it on screen at a Cineplex, it played over the entire Western world.)

In any case, the great news is that Rue Morgue is stepping into the breach, and bringing a horror stageplay to the Fest.

But seeing as how there aren’t as many horror plays on offer as there should be, we thought we thought we’d give you a glimpse of a few before the Fest opens, in order to whet your whistle, so to speak. So over the next few weeks expect to find some pretty gnarly stage works when you visit the RM website. (Look for adaptations of works by Rodrigo Gudino and Dave Alexander coming in the next few weeks.)

So, without further ado, please find the following two short works for your delectation: The Streetlight Man and The Taken. I won’t give anything away, as I will leave them entirely to your discovery. Feel free to read and enjoy, but kindly note that performance rights are not included. You’ll have to enquire about those.



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  1. frankensteinhead says:

    Did I miss something? Is there an actual date, time and room for this yet?

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