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on August 7, 2014 | 5 Comments

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Feedback, Lance & Winston consume copious amounts of Coke & Cheese and read letters from the listeners.

As mentioned on this episode, here’s the video Lance threatened to do if we lost the 2013 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award:

Here’s a link to this year’s Rondo Hatton Award winning horror radio show, Poe Forevermore hosted by Mark Redfield.

And here’s Amy Goodman from Democracy Now interviewing NY Times reporter Michael Moss, the author of Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked America on Junk Food:

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Responses to Episode 168: GERMAN SPARKLE PARTY

  1. Kris "Elm" says:

    That was traumatic. One can only imagine what is in store for the big budget, 70 mm, masterpiece that is FROSTBITE. I imagine this will be supplemental material for the Blu-ray/DVD deluxe, special edition set.

    • Feedback says:

      The final shot of the video is an homage to FROST-BITE and answers the age-old question, “Do Zombies Eat Flowers?”

      Now we know.

  2. ROBERT BLACK says:

    Most of this episode consisted of a form of “Small Talk’ which in most circumstances I take issue with in Podcasts, but not in this case. It’s interesting, never tiresome, and often very funny.

    As I write this I’ve come back from Grande Cheese and my “in person” inquiry into Sardinian maggot cheese. After a strange look I was directed to a large Italian woman who proceeded to tell far more than I cared to know about the cheese. It turns out they have a “form” of it in stock. The cheese is not all that difficult to find in Toronto but what disappointed me is it didn’t have any maggots whatsoever. Half a form did however sport a hefty $52.00 dollar price tag. A bit rich for a cheese without the expected maggots I thought.

  3. matango says:

    From what movie is the song that opens the podcast?

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