Join us for Richard Ciupka's
Restored! With star Lynne Griffin in person!


The Royal (608 College Street)

Thursday, July 17th @ 9:30 p.m. - Admission $10


One of the most anticipated slasher film restorations has finally happened and you can be the first to experience it on the big screen! Starring Samantha Eggar, John Vernon and Lynne Griffin, CURTAINS sees a shifty filmmaker assemble wannabe starlets at a snowbound mansion to vy for a starring role in his latest movie; but soon a killer starts thinning out the competition. Full of twists, thick with suspense and famous for its shocking deaths - notably an ice skating killer in a hag mask - this cult classic has never been more effective. Join us for CURTAINS - with Griffin in attendance! Concession items for horror fans! Licensed venue!


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