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Hell’s Shelves: Zombies, Robots and Spindly Men

on April 2, 2012 | 1 Comment

[Alan Kelly returns with a new installment of his dark fiction review column.]

Editor Jeff Conner has brought together some of the best horror and fantasy writers in the genre to pen stories for the mind-blowing, genre-blending Zombies vs. Robots franchise, which, since its comic book origins, has become something of a pop cultural phenomenon. If Sony’s upcoming film adaptation, which promises to be the mother of all monster mash-ups, doesn’t have you slobbering like the living dead, you’re bound to find some meaty morsel in here to whet your flesh-rending appetite. Due out this spring from IDW publishing, the prose anthology spin-off Zombie Vs. Robots: This Means War delivers eleven enjoyable pieces, with each story accompanied by fantastic artwork courtesy of Fabio Listrani.

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