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Festival of Fear

Festival of Fear: Nathan Fillion Returns

on March 27, 2014 | Leave a comment

Nathan Fillion, star of TVs FIREFLY and CASTLE as well as Sheriff Bill Pardy in James Gunn’s cult classic SLITHER, returns to Toronto for the 11th Annual Festival of Fear.

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Festival of Fear


on March 13, 2014 | Leave a comment

Convention Season is officially underway, and that means it’s time to plan for the 2014 RUE MORGUE FESTIVAL OF FEAR Toronto! Read on for more info on the first block of hotels and advance tickets for this year’s show.

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Festival of Fear, Rue Morgue Radio


on August 29, 2013 | 4 Comments

Some good news. Some bad news.

If you missed Joe Dante’s Q&A from the 2013 Festival of Fear, the good news is we recorded it. The bad news is, the audio’s a bit wonky.

It’s just on the wrong side of being acceptable enough for the Rue Morgue Podcast but it’s still very listenable. So I’m uploading it anyway because it’s Joe Dante and he’s awesome and it’s a great interview!

Moderated by Rue Morgue’s Dave Alexander, Joe discusses upon all sorts of juicy bits and bobs, from his early fascination with Saturday afternoon matinees and Famous Monsters of Filmland to working with the likes of Roger Corman, Rob Bottin and Bruce Dern to making movies like Piranha, The Howling, The Twilight Zone, The ‘Burbs, Amazon Women on the Moon, The Hole and of course, Gremlins.

Actual studio exec dialogue as revealed by Mr. Dante in this Q&A:

Exec: These GREMLINS are so disgusting. They blow their nose on the curtains. And do we need to have so many of them?

Spielberg: Well, we could cut them all out and call the movie, PEOPLE!

Slooshy well,


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Festival of Fear

Rue Morgue is building a monstrous Instagram army…

on August 21, 2013 | Leave a comment

…and we want you!

The 10th annual FESTIVAL OF FEAR kicks off tomorrow (Thursday, August 22), and we’d like to see it through your bloodshot eyes – or, more accurately, through your camera lens. Tag your Festival of Fear/Fan Expo Instagram photos with hashtag #ruemorguemagazine. We’ll select the best pics and re-post ’em on the official Rue Morgue Facebook page! Get your funky filter game on and show us how it’s done.

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Festival of Fear, News and Events


on August 20, 2013 | Leave a comment

Starting this month, Rue Morgue will present THESE BONES SHALL RISE, an exhibit of haunted photography by renowned ghost hunter/RM correspondent FABIEN DELAGE. You can meet Fabien and see a preview of his eerie images in a special showcase at the FESTIVAL OF FEAR August 22-25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, then join us for the full show launch on Thursday, August 29 from 6-10 p.m. at Metropolis Factory (50 Edwin Ave.). The show runs through September 29; see the official Facebook event page for more information.

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Festival of Fear

Jeffrey Combs cancels Festival of Fear appearance

on August 19, 2013 | Leave a comment

Unfortunately, we’ve got a bit of bad news: We’ve received confirmation that JEFFREY COMBS has had to cancel his appearance at the Festival of Fear this year, due to an unexpected last-minute commitment. Happily, the rest of the guests for the Re-Animator and From Beyond reunion panels (BARBARA CRAMPTON, BRUCE ABBOTT, KEN FOREE and CHARLES BAND) are still on the schedule!

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Festival of Fear, News and Events


on August 16, 2013 | 1 Comment

For over two years, Rue Morgue and Unstable Ground have been running LITTLE TERRORS in Toronto, unleashing more than 200 insane genre short films on unsuspecting audiences. (More details here and here.)

This year Little Terrors is hitting the FESTIVAL OF FEAR in a big way: two entirely separate programs of horror short highlights from the second year of programming. That’s four hours of crazy, including sneak previews of two never-before-seen films, and Q&A sessions with selected guests…

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Festival of Fear, News and Events

The Rue Morgue Festival of Fear is coming to Edmonton!

on August 13, 2013 | Leave a comment

There truly is no rest for the wicked. Just a few weeks after the 10th annual Festival of Fear winds down in Toronto, the Rue Crew will take its show on the road. Join us September 28-29 for the FESTIVAL OF FEAR EDMONTON, in partnership with the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo! RM Editor-in-Chief Dave Alexander and Managing Editor Monica S. Kuebler will be manning/womanning the RM booth, with guests Robert Englund, Julian Richings, Nat Jones and more in tow…

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Festival of Fear

The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun joins the Festival of Fear lineup

on August 9, 2013 | Leave a comment

We’re pleased to announce that STEVEN YEUN will join his Walking Dead co-stars Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus and Laurie Holden at the 10th annual Festival of Fear, going down August 22-25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre! For the full guest lineup and a sneak peek of this year’s panels and other horror attractions, check out the Festival of Fear website and be sure to like the official Facebook page.

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Cinemacabre, Festival of Fear


on August 1, 2013 | Leave a comment

Rue Morgue’s monthly CineMacabre Movie Night series presents a rare 35mm print screening of the 1989 horror classic THE ’BURBS, with director JOE DANTE in attendance! Thursday, August 22 @ TIFF Bell Lightbox (350 King St. West.) 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $15. Advance tix are available from the Rue Morgue booth at the Festival of Fear. You can also buy advance tickets online here. (Please note, if you buy tix online, you must present a PRINTED COPY OF YOUR CONFIRMATION E-MAIL in order to pick up your tickets at the venue. No tickets will be issued without a printed confirmation.)

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