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Audio Drome

Watch Mark Lanegan’s New Video For “The Gravedigger’s Song”

on February 5, 2012 | Leave a comment

Ex-Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan (he also of Queens of the Stone Age/The Gutter Twins/Soulsavers, etc.) has a new album out this week called Blues Funeral and I just came upon this video for the first tune from it, “The Gravedigger’s Song.” It’s not gonna have you quaking in your boots but it features some fairly creepy sequences. In any case, I could honestly listen to this man recite the Yellow Pages, his voice is so damn good. He sounds like he was curled up in a 100-year-old oak barrel for a few decades before being cured in a ramshackle smokehouse and left for dead somewhere the sun refused to shine.

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