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Metal George Gets Both Rocked And Shocked!

on October 21, 2010 | Leave a comment

And now a field report from Rue Morgue Audio Drome correspondent George Pacheco a.k.a. Metal George, with visual aids courtesy of photographer-at-large Melanie Skypeck:

This year’s installment of Worcester, Massachusett’s annual Rock and Shock horror and music convention upped the ante in a big way, all across the board.

How shall we count the ways? Hmm…well, let’s see: how about holding a Rob Zombie and ALICE FUCKING COOPER concert as part of the festivities? Hell to the yeah, folks. Massconcerts held the distinction of not only presenting the area’s premier horror convention, but also kicking out three days of live music next door at the city’s Palladium venue…

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