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on November 6, 2012 | 14 Comments

This Thursday at THE BLACK MUSEUM:

WHITE ZOMBIE & The Birth of Zombie Cinema

SEE! A 16mm Print of the first zombie feature film ever made!

HEAR! A discussion of its origins, legacy and how it relates to the Romero zombie universe – hosted by Stuart Feedback Andrews.

WIN! A chance to take home a Ghoulish Gary Pullin print of the Romero Living Dread series.

WIN! A pair of tickets to VAMPYR performed by Steven Severin on Saturday.

WIN! Copies of Rue Morgue #129 – The Prince of Darkness 25th Anniversary Issue!

DRINK! The $5 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon available at The Projection Booth.

You’ll never look at zombies the same way again (assuming you’ll remember anything the day after!)

For a chance to win a pair of tickets, post the name of your favourite zombie movie on this blog! The winner will be selected tomorrow afternoon.


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News and Events

Board the Horror Express with a White Zombie at July’s CLASSIC HORROR DOUBLE BILL

on June 23, 2012 | Leave a comment

Our friends at the Classic Horror Campaign are putting on a killer double feature next month at the Roxy Bar & Screen in London (England, not Ontario. Sorry, Ontario.) July’s double bill features an unholy trinity of classic horror actors: Bela Lugosi in White Zombie, followed by Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in Horror Express. Click past the jump for all the gory details.

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Road Kill

Roadkill: Creepy critters, terrible tunes and more

[When he's not in charge of jumping out from behind things and yelling "Raarrrr!" at office visitors, intrepid RM intern Patrick Dolan cruises the Weird Wide Web in search of its best horror offerings. Here are his latest finds.]

Zombo’s Closet

Reading a phony newspaper in the name of advertising The Hypnotic Eye, getting the fashion scoop on the gals of Twisted Nerve, or checking out the lobby card for Voodu…los muertos vivos can all be done at Zombo’s Closet, a blog dedicated to all things horror, but primarily devoted to press kits, tie-ins and ads for old horror films.

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Audio Drome

Your Next Free Hymns Vol. III Download Is Now Up!

on April 2, 2012 | Leave a comment

The second track of this year’s Hymns From the House of Vol. III compilation is now available for your free downloading pleasure! Direct from New Orleans, by way of ex-White Zombie guitarist-cum-producer J. Yuenger, Rue Morgue brings you She’s Still Dead and a tombstone-splitting asskicker of a song called “Hands of the Ripper.” Just try to listen to this stalking cut of sneering thrash without flipping your desk, crashing through something, fighting someone, or knocking yourself out.

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Audio Drome, News and Events

Decibel Names The Top 25 Zombie Metal Songs of All Time

on March 19, 2012 | 3 Comments

Here at Rue Morgue, our brains (or at the very least the big slimy one in a glass case that we all collectively share) recently tweaked with delight at the announcement that our friends over at monthly metal manifesto Decibel were dedicating their entire April 2012 issue to zombies, including an especially gristly nugget sure to inspire undead debate: The Top 25 Zombie Metal Songs of All Time…

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Audio Drome, News and Events

Metal George Gets Both Rocked And Shocked!

on October 21, 2010 | Leave a comment

And now a field report from Rue Morgue Audio Drome correspondent George Pacheco a.k.a. Metal George, with visual aids courtesy of photographer-at-large Melanie Skypeck:

This year’s installment of Worcester, Massachusett’s annual Rock and Shock horror and music convention upped the ante in a big way, all across the board.

How shall we count the ways? Hmm…well, let’s see: how about holding a Rob Zombie and ALICE FUCKING COOPER concert as part of the festivities? Hell to the yeah, folks. Massconcerts held the distinction of not only presenting the area’s premier horror convention, but also kicking out three days of live music next door at the city’s Palladium venue…

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