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Top Five Thursdays


on August 21, 2014 | Leave a comment

Because it wouldn’t be Thursday without our weekly Top Five, here’s Will Foran with at zombies who stand out from the herd. Let ‘em loose, Will!

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Festival of Fear


on April 22, 2014 | Leave a comment

We’ve got more photos of this year’s Festival of Fear Vancouver highlights for your viewing pleasure.

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Blood on a Budget

Blood on a Budget is Best Served Cold

on April 2, 2014 | Leave a comment

Your favourite column for shockers on a shoestring is back to examine two vengeful videos: the trippy throwback Time to Kill, and the Portuguese zombie-western Beyond the Grave.

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Cryptic Collectibles


on March 4, 2014 | Leave a comment

Tired of people stealing your coffee mug at the office? ThinkGeek might just have the solution for you.

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Blood on a Budget

Blood on a Budget: Send more paramedics

on June 12, 2013 | Leave a comment

Featuring My Fair Zombie and All-American Zombie Drugs.

As the current zombie invasion of pop culture rages on, it seems as though every independent filmmaker and their mother is cashing in on this horror subgenre. Because of this, every few flicks I watch for this column feature a frightening flock of undead fiends, and frankly, it’s getting me down. These braindead bores should be used as little more than a gory metaphor, and only when there is something original to say with them or when they’re accompanied by a clever twist (see Mimesis for a great example). Sadly, this is rarely the case. I, like many others, was a big fan of these re-animated rascals, but after an undying onslaught of these creatures in popular and not-so popular media for so long, I’ve become sick and tired.

But before Blood on a Budget puts this subject in the grave, at least for a little while, I present you with a pair of undead endeavors that take a unique approach to these stale reanimated stiffs, with differing results.

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News and Events

Win a copy of Allan Graves’ Zombook!

on April 18, 2013 | 5 Comments

The post title was a bit of a spoiler, so this probably won’t come as much of a surprise: We’re giving away five copies of Allan Graves’ Zombook! This ridiculously awesome volume from London-based Graffito Books features zombie art by Ghoulish Gary Pullin, RM designer Andrew Wright, Jason Edmiston, Eric Pigors, Jeff Zornow, The Pizz, Tom Bagley and many more! You can leave it on your coffee table to let your friends know that, A) you are very fancy, and B) you really, really dig zombies…

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Blood on a Budget

Blood on a Budget: Roasting on an open fire

on December 16, 2012 | Leave a comment

As horror fans, we’re enemies of decency. Taking pleasure in despicable films, books, games, etc., is our way of spitting in the face of all that is wholesome and proper.

When it comes to treacly traditions, one of the biggest offenders  is Christmas – a holiday so infested with niceties like gifts, carols, sweaters and mistletoe that even ol’ St. Nicholas himself would be heaving up cookies if he were  (spoiler alert!) a real person.

Christmas horror movies, on the other hand, take the yuletide spirit that plagues this time of year and slice it open stomach to sternum. Many festive fright flicks have preceded the two selections below, and many are sure to follow; I’ll be looking forward to every one.

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Blood on a Budget

Blood on a Budget: Grue Sides to a Coin

on August 8, 2012 | Leave a comment

Well, frugal fright fan, today we have a classic good news/bad news scenario. On the bad side, we have a visit from directionless ambition from a couple of friends who set out to make a horror film with nary a budget. I applaud their drive but not so much what they produced. On the good side, we have an overused plot device (zombies) used in an unexpected, original way.

So, as is normally preferred, let’s rip the bandage off the bad news first…

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News and Events


on January 16, 2012 | 2 Comments

Fans of the kind of smoke-cured heaviness regularly stoked by bands such as Red Fang, Clutch and Kyuss are gonna wanna take a gander at King Giant’s new video for “Appomattox,” the first track from the band’s upcoming sophomore album, Dismal Hollow (available worldwide on Tuesday, January 31 in digipak CD, deluxe digital download and gatefold 180-gram LP via King Giant’s own imprint Graveyard Hill Records and The Path Less Traveled Records).

Being that the doom rockers, along with video director/producer Kevin Barker, took to the Appalachian backwoods to lens this zombie-infested epic for the song, they figured the readers of Rue Morgue should be among the first to see it…[pregnant pause]…in the world.

Never ones to look a gift horse in its mouth (believe you me, we look those unpredictably generous fuckers right in their crazy, coal-black eyes), we agreed to exclusively premiere the video…under one condition.

“Gentlemen, have you heard of something called The Sinister Seven? Well, you have now…” [click past the jump]

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Cryptic Collectibles

Bikini! Zombies!! Calendar!!! Contest!!!!

on November 25, 2011 | 2 Comments

Zoinks, Scoob’! The folks behind the Year of the Dead calendar, featuring zombie babes in beachwear, are giving away five of their 2012 calendars, so you can tack one up at home or at work and get disapproving looks all year around. If this appeals to your sick bastard sensibilities, all you have to do is the following:

Send an email to theyearofthedead@gmail.com with the subject line Year of the Dead/Rue Morgue contest and tell ‘em your idea for a future Year of the Dead zombie babe photo shoot. For example: “I’d like to see an undead beach babe in a deck chair sipping brains out of some guy’s skull like it was a piña colada.” Or, “Show me a trio of zombie girls washing a hot rod with bloody water.”

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