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7 Satanic Horror Bands That Demand Your Attention in 2021

Monday, February 1, 2021 | Guest Posts

“Everything sucks, life is a drag, I wish I was dead.”

Are you or one of your loved ones experiencing vivid thoughts of Vampira? Are you or anyone you know obsessively dying your hair black while humming the theme song to The Munsters? If fantasies of horror and destruction are occupying your thoughts…we may have just what you’re looking for!

Nothin’ quite scratches that itch like a horror punk list leading into the new year, and I, Bobby Calabrese, am here to help. Occult rock, Satanic doo-wop, horror punk? However you define the evil side of rock and roll, this is bad music for bad people!

Grab your skeleton gloves and start combing the perfect Devilock, ’cause this is the list of bands you gotta check out in 2021.

Twin Temple
Described as “Satanic doo-wop”, Twin Temple has been keepin’ it weird since Halloween night of 2016. With a new spin on a classic recipe, Twin Temple has prepared us a plate of finger-lickin’, R&B/soul horror! So what is “Satanic doo-wop,” you may ask? Well, imagine the soundtrack to the movie “Goodfellas,” but with Dracula and Elvira in the roles of Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco. Trust me, it works.

Check out “Let’s Hang Together” for a taste of Twin Temple!

Nim Vind

The Canadian King of Croon needs no introduction! The mighty Nim Vind (formerly known as Mr. Underhill) has been creating music for outsiders since 2005’s Fashion of Fear, respectively. Nim Vind has been consistently creating weird and wild music in the vein of The Misfits, Bauhaus, and Elvis Presley, you’d think the dude sold his soul to the devil himself! Man, everyone else gets to have fun without me. 🙁

Listen to “Killing Saturday Night” for an absolute blast of hypnotic horror punk!


Sex, Death & the Infinite Void is the second studio album by English rock band Creeper. There’s no denying that Creeper attends musical classes at the School of AFI, Alkaline Trio, and My Chemical Romance, but with their very own dark, new-wavey, and terribly catchy goth-horror style, Creeper is a band to keep firmly on your radar.

Grab the nearest bottle of red wine (the cheap stuff will work) and give “Poisoned Heart” a spin.


Combining a ghastly mixture of cosmic horror and modern fantasies of death, Zombeast have perfected the art of The Horror Punk Album. Not a bad song on their famous full length from 2006, with monster riffs and lyrical adventures through evil demon swamps and hordes of flesh-eating zombies…oh, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

The ‘Beast is on the prowl in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed for new music from the Arizona wolfskin killers!

Dark Ride

Who ya gonna call for some killer horror punk? Our friend and former member of the Stellar Corpses (another great band to check out!) has recently released a killer EP and the recently deceased have spoken – it rules!

The man behind the Devilock, Emilio Menze, keeps the hits pumping with five terrifying tunes to rock us into the new year. Crank the first single from Dark Ride’s self-titled EP, “Anti-Hero”. If you ain’t bangin’ your head…you must be dead!

Take Over and Destroy

Take Over and Destroy have been a heavy-metal favorite at the Calabrese Manor since 2008. Born in the desert wasteland of Phoenix, Arizona, TOAD is “an American rock & roll band from the 1970’s trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the early 1990’s.” Hey, now that’s a wicked cool bio! TOAD conjures the Mighty Metal Riff on their self-titled record from 2016, with crushing guitars and evil vocals that sound like the gurgling of a madman trapped in Satan’s hell-pit! And with some recent activity on the band’s social media, here’s hoping for some devilish surprises from the TOAD boys.

Check out “Let Me Grieve” for a new year’s kick-in-the-ass!


Calabrese is an American rock band that is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The band consists of three brothers – Bobby, Jimmy, and Davey. Since 2003, Calabrese has studied exclusively at Glenn Danzig University, the Type O Negative Institute, as well as the White Zombie School of Arts. Calabrese is looking forward to releasing new terror tunes whenever they feel like it (hey, if the world ends in 2021, at least you got 7 kick-ass Calabrese albums).

Oh, c’mon! What’s a list of horror punk bands without a shout-out from the self-appointed kings? Check out “He Who Flees the Light” from our 2019 record, “Flee the Light.”

See you on the Other Side of 2021, death rockers!

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