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All-New, Larger Cryptkins “Unleashed” Figures Now Available

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 | Collectibles

Cryptozoic is adding to its already impressive line of original Cryptkin figures! For those who are not already familiar, Cryptkins are adorable versions of creepy creatures from myth and folklore. The new additions have been dubbed Cryptkins Unleashed and will be larger in scale than those previously available. The original Cryptkin wave of figures were 2.25 inches tall, but this new line of creatures stand at 5 inches tall. Size isn’t the only change with these larger figures: they will also feature all-new poses!
Wave 1 is available right now! Bring home Cthulhu, Nessie, and Chupacabra before Wave 2 hits in early 2021, featuring Bigfoot, Mothman, and Unicorn. Each individual character retails for $14.99 USD.
In addition, collectors can grab Cerberus (5.25 inch tall), a Cryptozoic Exclusive, which is only available at events, or through the company online for $24.99 USD. Be on the lookout for variant figures which haven’t yet surfaced.

The Cryptkins Unleashed line will now be in all-new window boxes. This differs from the early Cryptkin figures that were all in blind boxes. This is very exciting as collectors will now be able to choose their favorite figure on sight. 



Lastly, Cryptozoic is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with the release of a character based on the company’s logo
. Bob, the skeletal mascot is available now as Regular Bob, Golden Bob, and Halloween Bob edition (a Cryptozoic store exclusive). Regular Bob is selling for $14.99 USD with Golden Bob and Halloween Bob both retailing at $25 USD.

For more fun figures and exciting news, head over to the Cryptozoic website and follow them on Social Media.

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