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ALTER Content Now Available On the DUST App

Friday, October 8, 2021 | Short Films

The folks at Gunpowder and Sky have already been killing the short horror game through ALTER, and today they’re making it even easier to access new shorts as they launch an ALTER-dedicated page to their sci-fi sister channel, DUST. Not only will their shorts be accessible through the app, but the team has curated the shorts so that you can find the subgenres and creators that you want to see most.

“Pulling the “best of” horror along with classic horror (such as four of the Amityville films), each shelf on the ALTER page focuses on a sub-genre of horror,” explains Asia Hayes, Gunpowder and Sky’s Manager of Programming. “Taking note that audiences on the DUST side were gravitating to recognizable sci-fi elements such as aliens and robots, we wanted to offer something similar on the ALTER side. Voilà: witches, zombies, vampires, oh my! And to add to the excitement, we sprinkled in shelves that celebrate not only female filmmakers but also LGBTQ horror. The ALTER channel offers a fresh perspective in the horror genre thanks to the excellent curation and programming of my colleague, Sophie Carroll, and I am thrilled now to announce the ALTER page launch on the DUST app.”

To access the ALTER page you can download the DUST app through GooglePlay and iTunes, or you can check out the web platform at If you’re not watching short horror films, you’re missing out on some truly talented creative voices in the genre, so download the app today and dig in!

Bryan Christopher