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Friday, February 9, 2018 | Merch

It is common practice among horror fans to have a tendency to collect horror memorabilia including t-shirts, for what better way to share your love for your favorite scary franchise than to wear it on your body. I am among that group and for that reason I am always on the hunt for a new way to wear the horror that I love. I scour the internet and can see a shirt I like from a mile away, and a brand that I came upon that is killing it in the horror t-shirt business is Atomic Cotton.

Retro is all the rage right now (and the fact that the 90’s is considered retro is more than a little disheartening) and Atomic Cotton has combined their love of horror with their love of retro 80’s patterns to create one of the best t-shirt lines I’ve ever seen. Feast your eyes on some of these amazing designs.

This two person company based in the Kansas City metro area is run by the creative minds of husband and wife team Zack and Erica Kauffman. Erica is the artist that designs the shirts and Zack brings them to life by printing them. The t-shirts range from $20-23 in American dollars and if you miss them at a festival or event, you can order them online and they ship internationally!

To celebrate women in horror month, Erica, a woman in horror herself, has designed and created special Soska Sisters designs, including a shirt for their movie DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK!

If t-shirts aren’t your thing, they have an Etsy store chock full of vinyl stickers featuring your favorite creepers, stalkers and final girls.

If you like all things horror but love bright colors, kicky designs and an upbeat 80’s inspired wardrobe, then Atomic Cotton is right up your alley. The t-shirts are true to size, fit nicely and are made of high quality cotton. I own a few myself and they quickly became my favorite shirts. You can find them at their website or their Etsy store and for readers, use coupon code RUE2018 for 10% off when you spend $20 or more on their shirt page.


Dev Crowley
Dev Crowley is an avid video game lover and all-around horror nerd. Since she played "Resident Evil" as a child, the genre has both fascinated and terrified her. She has been writing for nearly the same amount of time and enjoys sharing her love of horror with the world. Her favorites include zombie and found footage movies and survival horror video games.