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Bring fear to the skies with this spooky “FOAM WITCH KIT”

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | News

Bob Neitzke of Hoosier Cutout Service never knew that an unsolicited viral mention of his creation FOAM WITCH KIT would flood him with requests to purchase it. Neitzke is a one man operation and creates his kits by himself. He is, however, quick to point out that they are all intended for experienced remote controlled pilots.

These “foam only” kits do not include any electronics and are not ready-to-go drones, rather, they are CNC cut from 7 ea, 2 inch x 4 inch sheets of XPS foam.

Neitzke, who has offered the Witch kit to modelers for years, was totally caught off guard by their unexpected popularity, and is trying to keep up with the demand (orders may not arrive before Halloween). All foam Witch kits are on sale for $150 USD and require assembly and additional remote control gear.

Here is the link to the Build Thread. Grab your broom and headover to the Hooiser Cutout Service webpage for more exciting kits and information.
Hoosier Cutout Service Website

Chris Hammond
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