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Check out these collectible “Jaws” and “Universal Monsters” games coming from Ravensburger

Thursday, February 21, 2019 | News

The horror board game realm just got a whole bloody cabin full more interesting with the announcement of two new upcoming additions from Ravensburger, well known for specilaizing in board games and puzzles for all ages. The company has actually been around since 1883, when it was founded by Otto Maier with a goal to combine two elements (entertainment and education) into one exciting experience.

Ravensburger released its very first board game in 1884 entitled “A Trip Around the World”, and today they have announced their newest two game properties: JAWS: THE BOARD GAME and HORRIFIED: UNNIVERSAL MONSTERS BOARD GAME.

The fully licensed Jaws game sets up players to make their way through two acts (or levels): Amity Island (Act 1) and The Orca (Act 2). Before the games starts, one person is chosen to control the shark, while the others get to play as main characters Brody, Quint, and Hooper. The trio of characters must locate the shark which is striking fear in the tourists and beach goers alike. Players must take turns using a card based system to locate the shark and move into Act 2.

The second act of the game starts by flipping over the game board, which now is shown to represent the slowly sinking ship known as “The Orca” while trying to work together by using cards to stop the shark before it destroys and sinks the ship. Players can not control the shark and change the outcome of the story; Jaws is a must buy for that factor alone, but the fact that this game is broken into two act and giving players a more in-depth immersion into the shark-based franchise, shows a high level of ingenuity. Cast your lines out and catch the mother of all sharks in JAWS: THE BOARD GAME, get hooked this June/July for $34.99 USD, retail price.

Finally, let’s get to the Universal Monster madness that Ravensburger also let news loose on earlier this week when they announced that Frankenstein, Dracula and their “Universal” horror friends would be appearing in an upcoming table top board game call HORRIFIED: UNIVERSAL MONSTERS. In this game made for 1 to 5 players [going by box art information] ages 10 and up, players must work together to stop Dracula and the other Universal monster buddies, which are represented by quality styled miniatures of each legendary creature.

No peek at the board layout or monster miniatures were available at time of this release; here’s hoping their will live up to legendary monsters and the excitement each monster brought to films over the generations. Start grabbing your pitchforks and gathering the angry villagers in anticipation of this release, which is scheduled for August 1st, 2019, the game will retail for $34.99 USD.

Keep watching for more news and updates on both these properties as they ooze on out and other games such as Jurassic Park an adventure strategy game (out now in US Target stores) and Disney’s Villainous (which appears to give the Villains of Disney their own game).

(Website Io9 first broke the news on both board game properties)

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