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DEBATE: Should horror be an exclusively R-rated genre?

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | Poll

Step up to this month’s VS debate, in which we pit two writers head to head on a hot button topic. In this edition, we tackle the long-held belief that a PG rating signals the death knell for any horror movie. Two fans enter the ring to battle it out…

Should horror be an exclusively R-rated genre?

In the first corner, BENOIT BLACK argues yes, since “true horror is only possible in the deep, dark territory of cinema without boundaries, rules or restraint.”

Against him JACOB TRUSSELL argues no, stating that “the arbitrary confines that the MPAA puts upon the genre do not define it.”

Read both arguments in their entirety in the latest issue of RUE MORGUE #182, now available, and cast your vote below!

The winner will be declared in the July/August issue of RUE MORGUE (#183), on stands everywhere July 1, 2018!

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