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Distinctive Dummies Brings R.J MacReady To The Mego Style Universe In A New Custom Creation

Thursday, March 7, 2019 | Collectibles

John Carpenter’s The Thing is one of the all-time great horror/science fiction movies of all time. With its amazing cutting edge practical effects and selection of great actors and story, the film still is making its mark on today’s generation. Now Distinctive Dummies, which is well known for their quality ‘Mego’ style figures, has released their newest creation: THE THING R.J MACREADY, KURT RUSSELL 8 INCH MEGO STYLE FIGURE WITH BONUS SPIDER-HEAD. The figure even comes with a holstered revolver, flame thrower and Kurt Russell’s epic beard. 

Standing 8 inches tall and bedecked in faux brown leather coat, green army-style pants and black boots, the MacReady figure is a must have for fans of the film. The toy is articulated in the vein of all Mego style figures – arms, legs and head move, but don’t expect to pose this one in advanced action poses. The good news however, is that the hands are very functional and can grip the flamethrower accessory with ease. 

Box art by artist Allan Grave is suitably fun, with the front providing a glimpse at the figure with the words ”Demented Dollies Presents” along the top. The tagline “The Ultimate in Alien Terror” is visible along with an illustrated version of the notorious spider-head creature from the film. The back of the box features a great illustrated colour picture of MacReady using his flamethrower with a line claiming the figure to have been made in the Antarctica.

Now to that bonus Spider-Head figure. It is made of resin with painted metal legs and is a spitting image of the gruesomely glorious abomination seen in the film. The paint and sculpt is superb and its inclusion is a big selling point, just remember to keep it locked away – this is one creepy little creature. 

There are only 70 of these MacReady figures available worldwide, with only a handful available on the monsters in motion website, so don’t wait on this figure, as once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Check out more Distinctive Dummies releases on their website and also see what else the monsters in motion website has to offer on links below.

Price $199.99 USD (plus shipping) as listed on the Monsters in Motion website.

Distinctive Dummies Website 
Monsters in motion Website

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