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“DYING LIGHT 2” delay isn’t the end of the world

Monday, January 27, 2020 | Games

This year has started weird…like, really weird. So many games have been postponed weeks or months that it started making me nervous but still hopeful that 2020 was going to be an incredible year. THE LAST OF US 2, RESIDENT EVIL 3 and DYING LIGHT 2 was going to make 2020 the year of the zombie and I have been excited for each and every one. While RESIDENT EVIL is my jam, DYING LIGHT holds a special place in my heart and I have been chomping at the bit for its sequel, but now it looks like we may have to wait…FOREVER!

Okay, that’s an exaggeration but the delay is 100% real. DYING LIGHT 2  was set for a Spring 2020 release but Techland’s Pawel Marchewka just put out a notice via the game’s Twitter page to explain the delay:

“We were initially aiming for a Spring 2020 release with Dying Light 2, but unfortunately we need more development time to fulfill our vision.”

They continue by mentioning that they will be giving more information in the next several months and that they appreciate our patience. Now, if you glance through news pages, it makes it seem like the delay is going to last forever and all we will have is the sweet, sad 20 minutes of gameplay to play over and over again while we cry into our Cherry Garcias. That’s obviously not the case. 

It just looks like Techland needs some time to fix some issues of the expanded parkour mechanics and ever branching stories lines (or something like that). I understand not giving a new release date or even release quarter because if they are having problems with some of the game mechanics, they would rather give themselves the time instead of surviving on Red Bull, espresso and tears until it gets finished. 

My initial reaction was internal screaming at the pitch of a dog whistle and fighting the urge to throw my phone across the room, but after taking a breath and taking oh, eight hours to think about it, I would rather this be the case. Some of you may remember the disaster that was DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE (that green blood still haunts me). Yes, it’s super disappointing and puts more pressure on RESIDENT EVIL 3 to be INCREDIBLE (although RE2 did that for us), I am betting that adding some time will make DYING LIGHT 2 a truly incredible experience and worth the wait. At least, here’s hoping.

Dev Crowley
Dev Crowley is an avid video game lover and all-around horror nerd. Since she played "Resident Evil" as a child, the genre has both fascinated and terrified her. She has been writing for nearly the same amount of time and enjoys sharing her love of horror with the world. Her favorites include zombie and found footage movies and survival horror video games.