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“DYING LIGHT 2” shows off 25-minutes of new gameplay

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 | Games

DYING LIGHT 2 is one of the games that I’m the most excited about. I adored the first game – the story was good, the gameplay was fast-paced and intense, the weapon mods were DEAD RISING-level entertaining and it was a great time overall. When DYING LIGHT 2 was announced I literally screamed, scaring the hell out of everyone around me but I didn’t care. I was getting a sequel. We know that the gameplay will be different than its predecessor, but how different will it actually be? Well, Techland recently released 25 whole minutes of gameplay to show us just how different, and we at RUE MORGUE couldn’t be more pumped.

DYING LIGHT 2 is being developed and published by Techland, and I was blown away by how it looks even still in development. In the gameplay shown, you play as Aiden who is infected. You live in one of the last human civilizations after the virus has spread dubbed “District 2,” and they have run out of water. Your buddy Frank has set up a meeting with the intimidating overseer (and water hoarder) the Governor to negotiate getting water for the city. When the meeting with the Governor’s toadies goes badly, Frank gets shot and you have to decide if you want to chase the truck to his island domain or stay with Frank and his friend Matt to save him. 

The developer controlling the demo chose to chase the truck, and what ensues is one hell of parkour showcase. While this mechanic was a big part of DYING LIGHT and one of the biggest qualities that made the gameplay so special, DYING LIGHT 2 has taken this parkour mechanic and given it some serious steroids. Not only can you pretty much climb anything, you can also swing, slide, grapple, and straight up Spiderman your way across the rooftops. It’s an impressive sight to see. 

Dying light 2

Image courtesy of Techland

Also different in the sequel is the fact that your decisions changes the game. Your choices have a permanent impact on the story’s progression, which is shown off nicely in this gameplay trailer. You may get the water you are looking for, but in turn, an area that was flooded recedes and dangerous enemies flood your city. However, you are then able to explore the flooded area, and your choices look to have real and lasting consequences. Creative weapon mods are also back, and I look forward to seeing just how inventive they get this time around. 

The zombies have also changed. Because the Harran virus was a derivative of rabies, many mutations in the first game were UV sensitive. Fifteen years later, the zombies have mutated further and are even more sensitive to light. You will find them hiding in buildings and dark zones during the day, and coming out of their hidey holes at night. Based on the trailer, dark zones are also hotspots for infection, and the longer you stay put in those areas, the faster your immunity dissipates. You have UV flashlights and flares to aid you in your escape but running is always your best option. The gameplay is fast-paced and intense, and that’s just during the day!

And we can’t forget the soundtrack. I am a huge fan of the first game’s soundtrack. I truly think it is one of the best gaming OSTs I have ever heard, and this new soundtrack is a lot different but still sounds fantastic. This gameplay trailer has be pumped for DYING LIGHT 2. The graphics, both character and environmental, are gorgeous, and the voice acting is spot-on and topped with gameplay that looks like a blast.

DYING LIGHT 2 drops in 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

Dev Crowley
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