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Envied Clothing Community, Culture And Class

Sunday, February 25, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

In late 2016, SARAH CLAXTON (an accomplished tattoo model and fashion enthusiast) decided to create a physical product that embodied her visions and values. Thus ENVIED was launched, which aimed to conceptualize the heart behind what is perceived as “intimidating” in tattoo and alternative culture. The commitment to this mission is recognized by the substantial amount of proceeds to help fund an assortment of non-profit, charity and environmental activist organizations. Claxton is proving her motto “Be Legendary – Be Yourself – Be Envied”.

The name Envied was a culmination of what drove me to continue my goals as a model and now a business owner,” says Claxton. “Throughout my modeling career, I received a lot of negativity and hostility from people that had no logical basis for doing so. Instead of brooding on the negative and critical people, I decided to transition those emotions into my motivation to succeed in my goals. The hate was my fuel and I started to realize that being envied, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What is unique about Envied is that it’s not just a clothing line or a business, it’s about creating a caring environment.”

Envied’s many different horror-themed designs are imaginative and carry engaging meanings to boot. The company’s ANUBIS design (below) not only represents the ancient Egyptian “Guardian of the Dead,” but embodies the theme of the god. To wit, Claxton took the god’s symbolism as a way to give back to the community, providing financial relief for people who have problems paying for the funeral expenses of their loved ones

With their cool threads, engaging themes and inspirational work, Sarah Claxton and Envied are emblematic of what Women and Horror Month is about. We salute you and your team Sarah! 

Visit ENVIED at their website or on official Facebook!


Chris Hammond
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