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Exclusive clip from “BENEATH US” shows America at its worst

Monday, February 24, 2020 | Exclusive


Horror has never shied away from taking on heavier social issues. The upcoming release from Vital Pictures/NME and director Max Pachman is no exception. BENEATH US takes a long hard look at what can happen when the gap between races and classes becomes so great, it swallows people whole. 

BENEATH US is a conscious effort by Pachman to depict stories not often seen on screen. “In many ways this movie feels long overdue. American genre films are severely lacking in their depictions of LatinX perspectives. Due to generations of restrictions on what a “movie star” was supposed to look like, there are dozens if not hundreds of stories just waiting to be told.” He continues, “I think of this movie as a spin on the classic dark Grimms’ Fairy Tales. There is a frightening amount of trust that goes both ways when a day laborer steps into a car to go to a stranger’s house, and it was exciting to explore that dynamic to create a modern urban legend. The story is both timely and timeless.”

But this is not to say that BENEATH US is too serious to have fun. “First and foremost, I hope that people will enjoy the ride. This movie is a survival thriller at its core, and it was always most important for us to nail the elements that make the genre so fun to watch. There is a lot to sink your teeth into.” Pachman knows horror audiences can take our social commentary with a spoonful of viscera. 

BENEATH us will be released on March 6th in select theaters. 

Watch an exclusive clip of the film, right here:

Deirdre is a Chicago-based film critic and life-long horror fan. In addition to writing for RUE MORGUE, she also contributes to C-Ville Weekly,, and belongs to the Chicago Film Critics Association. She's got two black cats and wrote her Master's thesis on George Romero.