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Exclusive clip, release details: Life imitates vampiric art in “MIMESIS: NOSFERATU”

Monday, October 12, 2020 | Exclusive, News


The sequel to the 2013 meta horror film is coming this week with a bloodsucking angle and a couple of horror vets in the cast.

Cinedigm releases MIMESIS: NOSFERATU tomorrow, October 13 on digital platforms and DVD. The original movie had a group of horror fans experiencing the terror of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD for real, and the follow-up takes a similar tack with the silent horror classic; the synopsis: “At Harker Arts Academy, the chance to star in the school’s upcoming play is something any student would kill for, unfortunately this year that might be the price. When it is announced the drama club will adapting F.W. Murnau’s vampire classic NOSFERATU, no one realizes that they have unwittingly been pulled into their own horror film. With opening night fast approaching, the blood begins to spill, and it is unclear if anyone will still be alive by the time the curtain rises.” Douglas Schulze returns as director, with a script by Jeff Meyers and a cast headed by Julie Kline, Connor Alexander, Joseph Scott Anthony, Jordan Campo, Crystal Lucas Perry, Allen Maldonado, horror fave Lance Henriksen and Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“My intention with the MIMESIS franchise is to pay homage to horror classics,” Schulze says. “I wanted to find a way to celebrate classic horror and explore what makes some of us so passionate about our love for the genre and with MIMESIS: NOSFERATU, do that by exploring what drives some horror fans to the extreme and how cults are born. I consider each film a kind of homage, and this film stands alone while also including nods to many versions of vampire films from every era, including Bram Stoker’s novel, German Expressionism, the ’70s-era Hammer horror and even the TWILIGHT series.”

Michael Gingold
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