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Exclusive comments, promo video: German goremeister unleashes “HELL ON EARTH”

Thursday, July 30, 2020 | News


Timo Rose, the German filmmaker behind GAME OVER, BEAST, BARRICADE, an upcoming remake of THE CORPSE GRINDERS and many other splatterfests, is preparing a new feature production, and gave RUE MORGUE a few words to go with a promotional clip he has put together.

HELL ON EARTH, which is scheduled to begin shooting next summer, will star Joe Davison (100 TEARS, the second season of STRANGER THINGS) and creature performer Alan Maxson (GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS). The synopsis: “For security guard Mike [Davison], a regular night shift turns into total terror as he is stalked by a hideous monster [Maxson] that’s been killing his colleagues.”

The film, Rose tells us, “will indeed be a tour of hell. It becomes gory, funny, but also extremely exciting until the last minute, and it ends in terror and blood. We have none other than the great Alan Maxson as the creature, and there is no better one for the role. I mean, he was King Ghidorah…OK, the right head of King Ghidorah. In HELL ON EARTH, he‘s much, much smaller–but here he’s meaner! Joe Davison is awesome; this is the third time we will work together. He’s like a brother.

“I can’t wait to shoot,” Rose continues. “A year of planning is now ahead of us, and there is so much I can‘t talk about yet, like a great cameo I can’t reveal at the moment. And of course, we’ll have lots of special effects and props…and maybe there isn’t just one creature? Who knows?” You can keep an eye on HELL ON EARTH’s progress at its Facebook page.

Michael Gingold
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