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Exclusive photos and comments, plus trailer and poster: The “MANIAC FARMER” is coming

Friday, May 18, 2018 | Exclusive, Indie Films, News


The latest homage to ’80s slashers is MANIAC FARMER, a Kentucky-lensed indie shocker that’s about to hit the festival circuit. Read on for a few exclusive pics and words from the filmmaker, plus the trailer and poster.

MANIAC FARMER, from WillCoFilms and writer/director Matthew Williams, stars Jake Roark, Tyler Caldwell, Jeremy Snead, Kyrk Davis, Tyler Ward, Hannah Davis, Jake Mosely, Matt McNew and Opal Williams. P.J. Starks (VOLUMES OF BLOOD) was the executive producer; the synopsis: “A group of street punks, led by the murderous Blasphemous Rex, meet their match when crossing the path of a farmer they believed was not a threat. Soon these hardened gang members become the victim of a vengeful maniac farmer fueled by an unforgiving bloodlust. What began as a night of crime and debauchery becomes a terrifying descent into madness as these punks are stalked and preyed upon by a ruthless cropper. On this farmer’s land, he’ll reap what you sew.”

Williams is particularly proud of what MANIAC FARMER represents for moviemaking in his home state. “I am so excited and eager for people to finally see this film after a full year of putting it together,” he tells RUE MORGUE. “I hope that with this film, I can begin to truly entertain the fans, and most of all, I hope that it might encourage someone else to pick up a camera and start filming their friends, just like I did. The Kentucky film scene is getting bigger, and only by committing ourselves to this craft can we see it excel.”

You can follow the farmer’s progress on Facebook.

Michael Gingold
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