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Exclusive photos take you into the single-take “OUIJA WAREHOUSE”

Thursday, July 2, 2020 | Exclusive, News


The fifth installment (!) of writer/director Israel Luna’s THE OUIJA EXPERIMENT franchise wrapped last week.

OUIJA WAREHOUSE brings back Swisyzinna Moore and Justin Armstrong to reprise their roles from the first two movies in the series, joined by Kristin Keith, Mattias Gaffoglio, Joseph Herrera, Chaselyn Wade, Tom Roma, Nikki Hunter, LaRandall McKind, Angel Rose Keeley, Suha Kim and Abby Joy Hammes, the latter of whom played a different part in the second film. Following the U.S.-lensed original OUIJA EXPERIMENT, OUIJA: RESURRECTION and OUIJA 3: THE CHARLIE CHARLIE CHALLENGE and the Asia-filmed OUIJA 4, WAREHOUSE was shot and edited to appear as one long, single take. Inspired by Hitchcock films like ROPE and the recent 1917, Luna says, “There weren’t any horror movies that had used this continuous shot style, so I thought I’d do it!”

The synopsis: “Strange happenings occur to a group of friends as they prepare for a birthday party in a large warehouse. As Kay [Kim] and best friend Noah [Herrera] find a spirit board in a storage room, they decide to contact the dead victims who died there the year before. As they witness strange noises, disappearing objects, and a possible portal, the friends try to piece together the hidden secrets that affect them all before it is too late.” The movie is currently in postproduction, with release scheduled for late this year.

Michael Gingold
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