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Exclusive trailer and slipcover: Gruesome ’80s thriller “WALKING THE EDGE” coming to Blu-ray

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | Blu-ray/DVD, Exclusives, News


A couple of familiar genre faces headline the film being revived on hi-def disc.

Fun City Editions is giving director Norbert Meisel’s WALKING THE EDGE (1985) its worldwide Blu-ray debut, restored in 4K from the original camera negative; Sister Hyde created the slipcover art seen below, and Chris O’Neill cut the trailer. The disc will be available for pre-order May 1 from Vinegar Syndrome, and special features will be revealed then. Curt Allen scripted the movie, which stars Robert Forster (ALLIGATOR), Joe Spinell (MANIAC), Nancy Kwan, A Martinez, Luis Contreras, Aarika Wells and Frankie Hill; Jay Chattaway (MANIAC, MANIAC COP) composed the score. The synopsis: “Jason Walk [Forster], a down-on-his-luck cabbie and debt collector, has a chance at redemption when he crosses paths with revenge-seeking Christine Holloway [Kwan]. She’s after the gang of violent criminals, led by Brusstar [Spinell], who murdered her husband and son. Jason unwittingly drives Christine to their lair and when she is unable to finish the job, a hellbent Brusstar and his goons hunt the pair with a vengeance.

“Jason Walk’s cab prowls the seedier, grimier locales of early ‘80s Los Angeles and picks up passengers–gamblers, pushers, prostitutes and addicts–who match this environment. As such, WALKING THE EDGE is both a sleazy urban thriller and a valuable visual record of an L.A. that has long since been scrubbed clean and redeveloped.”

Michael Gingold
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