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“Frank Zito” Custom 8″ Figure Lurks Your Way From Pallbearer Press

Monday, February 15, 2021 | Merch

Hold onto your scalp, because Pallbearer Press’s newest handmade figure is ready to stalk your toy shelf!

Immortalized in miniature form, this uncannily rendered figure depicts character actor Joe Spinell as he appears in Bill Lustig’s 1980 cult horror classic, MANIAC playing psychopathic murderer “Frank Zito.” Teaming up once again with Martin Cage of Distinctive Dummies (who previously oversaw the company’s custom “Coffin Joe,” “Maniac Cop,” and a full range of Fulci character figures), Frank’s head is sculpted by Andrew Copeland and painted by Cage. He comes with real clothing and multiple weapon options, in a slick box designed by Merritt, featuring illustrations by Craig Holloway and Pyromallis. The collector’s keepsake box features a special thanks to Bill Lustig and Greg Chick, and the figure is dedicated to Spinell, who passed in 1989. As with all of Pallbearer Press’s custom figures, “Frank” is limited to 100 total pieces, and is now available to pre-order.

Don’t go out tonight; bring a MANIAC home!



Rocco T. Thompson
Rue Morgue's Online Managing Editor, Rocco is a Rondo-nominated writer, critic, film journalist, and avid devotee of all things weird and outrageous. He penned the cover story for Rue Morgue's landmark July/Aug 2019 "Queer Fear" Special Issue, and is a regular contributor to Screen Rant, Slant Magazine, and other cinema-centric publications.